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1"Lovely City"  2  1Oct 5, 2014Cheewa  Buenos Aires
2"The Lamarre sisters take over the American capital"  55  168Sep 3, 2014Jefie  Quebec
3"Washington DC"  2Aug 22, 2014husain  Delhi
4"Washington DC"Aug 4, 2014vinceckw  Kuala Lumpur
5"Lots of greenery, lots of white structures......."  5  24Jul 29, 2014leics  Leicester
6"Tour guides are a help to knowing the full stories"  3Jul 13, 2014Chuck0  Salem
7"Washington DC. On a daytrip from New York"  3Jul 5, 2014nyperose  Lausanne
8"Washington D.C."  1  8Apr 17, 2014KevinMichael  Niigata
9"Washington D.C. in one day"  8  15Mar 30, 2014Turska  Ylöjärvi
10"District of Columbia"Sep 24, 2013g0nzilla  Washington D.C.
11"A Capital Capitol"  34  162Sep 20, 2013razorbacker  Phoenix
12"DC: A Patriotic Pilgramage"  8  7Aug 11, 2013staindesign  Indianapolis
13"Quick visit - need more time"  10  33Jul 20, 2013PinkFloydActuary  Gurnee
14"Designer Capital"  30  76Jun 7, 2013antistar  Frankfurt am Main
15"Capital of the States"  1May 20, 2013filipdebont  Roeselare
16"The Capital"  3Apr 23, 2013EdinburghRoc  Edinburgh
17"Washington, D.C. ~ So Much to See!!"  5  16Apr 3, 2013starship  United States of America
18"Washington, D.C."  2  35Feb 8, 2013xoxoxenophile  Brookings
19"DC's Much Much Better Than Before!"  1  6Oct 26, 2012acommon1  San Francisco
20"Washington D.C."  3Oct 13, 2012hflow247  Los Angeles
21"Highlights of Washington"  35  142Jul 23, 2012Africancrab  Sierra Vista
22"Fun in DC!"  1Jun 30, 2012dancergirl  New Jersey
23"My words about the Nations Capital - Washington DC"Jun 10, 2012aidahbug  Kampala
24"Washington D.C."  5  9May 2, 2012rmjiv  Scottsdale
25"Washington DC"  1  5Apr 17, 2012theo1006  Salatiga
26"D.C."  8Apr 16, 2012ayeta  New Jersey
27"Washington DC"  1Apr 7, 2012Zebedeu  Porto
28"An Inspiring Journey in Washington D.C."  1Mar 24, 2012HK_Solo  Hong Kong
29"Rainy 3 days in Washington"  3Feb 11, 2012goldenodin  Truro
30"U.S. Capitol, Off My Bucket List"  3Oct 7, 2011GuitarStan  Whitehouse
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