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1"Pope Benedict XVI was here in September 2007"  11Jan 5, 2008longsanborn  Netherlands
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3"Mariazell"  1  10Jul 10, 2007BMer  White Rock
4"Mariazell, a pilgrim city in Lower Austria"  1Jan 3, 2007marcan  Bucharest
5"Mariazell"  3Nov 3, 2006Pottendorfer  Stockholm
6"Mariazell, a treasure in the world of the belief"  2  3Feb 14, 2006milir  Vienna
7"Mariazell, a town in the middle of a wonderland"  3  5Feb 13, 2006ialm  Piatra Neamt
8"Mariazell, a known town in the world of the belief"  2  7Oct 21, 2005grau  Kleinzell
9"Mariazell, a small town in the Austrian Alps"  33  163Sep 14, 2005Fam.Rauca  Vienna
10"Mariazell"  3Mar 20, 2005buffymaus  Vienna
11"Mariazell"  31  31Feb 24, 2003phil_uk_net  Brentwood
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