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1"Melk & its Famous Abbey"  17  51May 6, 2013Mikebb   Perth
2"The Abbey - a must see in Melk"  1Dec 31, 2012annk  Estero
3"MELK"  24  80Jul 20, 2012balhannah   Brisbane
4"Melk"  11Mar 10, 2012bakalapoe  Alexandroupolis
5"A world-famous abbey..."  3Jul 5, 2011hungariangirl896  Budapest
6"Melk"  1Oct 13, 2010kawanua  Los Angeles
7"Great Library and a cool walk back to the ship!"  5  9Jun 23, 2010dustmon  Marietta
8"Melk"  31Jun 8, 2010Kathrin_E  Karlsruhe
9"A Wombat in Melk - VT Meeting Excursion"  20Jun 6, 2010Russell_the_Wombat  Karlsruhe
10"Melk"  3May 31, 2010lotharscheer  Vienna
11"Melk"  72May 26, 2010gubbi1  Aschaffenburg
12"A Brief Visit to the Abbey"  1  7Feb 4, 2010SurfaceTravel  London
13"Melk, the town with a perfect monument"  2  9May 5, 2009Henk.Irene  Hoogeveen
14"Melk"  6  28Nov 15, 2008ranger49  Wales
15"MELK - a beautiful small town in the Donube valley"  7  18Sep 19, 2008evona  Erfurt
16"Melk"  1Mar 15, 2008scarp601  Saint Louis
17"The Abbey is worth a trip on its own"  1Feb 3, 2008BruceDunning  Huntsville
18"Wachau - The Famous Town of Melk"  13  96Jan 18, 2008victorwkf  Serangoon
19"Melk Monastery - Stift Melk"  9  15Dec 7, 2007codrutz  Bucharest
20"Melk Abbey"  1  6Apr 19, 2007coccinella169  Vienna
21"The only site we got time to visit at Melk"  1Mar 15, 2007siver  Seattle
22"MELK"  3Feb 24, 2007longsanborn  Netherlands
23"Melk"  1Jan 25, 2007palejewel84  Glenside
24"St Colman and Melk - The Irish Connection"  20  21Dec 18, 2006Ekaterinburg  Cork
25"Of the Stift and Sommerspiele!"  3  2Aug 13, 2006morgenhund  Vienna
26"Melk Abbey"  3Jun 17, 2006betsymarvin  Atlanta
27"melk"  1May 30, 2006doug48  Orlando
28"Melk"  1Apr 27, 2006BorneoGrrl  Malaysia
29"Melk and its Stift on the stone"  1Feb 14, 2006milir  Vienna
30"Melk, a small town at the Danube Valley"  22  104Nov 10, 2005Fam.Rauca  Vienna
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