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1"Beware of the Polarbear..."  1May 11, 2011amazonaNne  Bremerhaven
2"On the top of the world!"  9  13Nov 16, 2010foona  Norway
3"Land of the Polar bear"  5  1Oct 19, 2010seaouk  London
4"Svalbard Trip"Jul 17, 2010christinebaum  Los Angeles
5"Svalbard, amazing Svalbard"  1  3Jul 1, 2009wadekorzan  Basel
6"Longyearbyen"  1Dec 29, 2008TkNeo  World
7"SVALBARD AUGUST 1974"  25Nov 4, 2008AsturArcadia  Asturias
8"Svalbard, Norway"  15  15Mar 9, 2008georeiser  Oslo
9"Svalbard"  3Oct 26, 2007FlyingDutchmen  The Hague
10"Svalbard - The land of the Polarbear"  1Jul 5, 2006vfsteffe  Oslo
11"Svalbard - or - Spitzbergen"  17  45May 28, 2006tini58de   Karlsruhe
12"Svalbard Archipelago"  14  109Apr 23, 2006maryellen50  Sonora Baja California
13"The exotic far north"  3Mar 28, 2006anders1975  Oslo
14"Near the Northern Pole"  3Nov 11, 2005amadorgarcia  Barcelona
15"I've got the Svalbard Bug!"  2  17Oct 9, 2005Spader  Oslo
16"Svalbard on the cheap sleeping in free places"  3Apr 5, 2005jorgejuansanchez  Hospitalet
17"Svalbard Expedition"  5  16Nov 19, 2004loisl  Sargans
18"Svalbard / Spitsbergen"  2Sep 26, 2004renkuy  Leiden
19"Svalbard - the world`s moust exotic place"  5  6Apr 30, 2004928bente  Drammen
20"Saagar's Svalbard pages"  141  186Feb 27, 2004Saagar  Norway
21"The end of the road (if there was one)"  12  10Nov 27, 2003Mittnic  Stockholm
22"Leave the brass monkeys at home!"  5Aug 25, 2003Keelo  Simi Valley
23"Arctic Trip"  3Aug 23, 2003Evershed  Solihull
24"Svalbard (Spitsbergen) is a snowy land"  2  3Jul 5, 2003Naryan-Mar  Nar'yan-Mar
25"Facts about Svalbrd"  1  4May 28, 2003shiran_d  London
26"Svalbard"May 21, 2003malinaberg  Gullholmen
27"The kingdom of the Polarbear"May 12, 20032rs  Oslo
28"My Arctic adventures..."  1Mar 10, 2003unspoken  Almere-Stad
29"Svalbard"  15Feb 1, 2003F.Lade  Nøtterøy
30"Svalbard"  3  3Dec 1, 2002Dandini  Longyearbyen
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