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1"The setting for the movie "Where eagles dare""  4  47Jun 24, 2009jojes  Tongeren
2"At the heart of Salzburg region"  4  3Jun 4, 2006blumia   Mosbach
3"Hohenwerfen Castle"  4  31Jun 2, 2006alancollins   Banbury
4"Werfen"  3  8Dec 21, 2005leplaya   Madison
5"The Ice Caves"  3  9Jul 24, 2005argentia  Toronto
6"The Giant Ice Caves Tour"  2  10Nov 9, 2004TravelerM  Kaohsiung
7"A Magical Wedding at a Magical Place"  6  8Jul 23, 2004rharlan  Maryland
8"Werfen"  14  15Jul 19, 2004Gentleman75  Brisbane
9"Werfen, Castle and Icecaves"  1Jan 30, 2004Waxbag  United States of America
10"Werfen"  4  5Nov 5, 2003Janni67  Tampere
11"Great small town with its own soul"  1  2Sep 15, 2003Laurike  Vilnius