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1"The City with the Cathedral"  3  3Jan 10, 2013cleocat  Greater London
2"Not really a pilgrimage......."  28  107Jan 5, 2013leics   Leicester
3"Canterbury"  2  6Oct 1, 2012rosata   Europe
4"Canterbury"  1Feb 7, 2012Twan  Sint-Oedenrode
5"My Tale of Canterbury"  2  5Sep 4, 2011Herkbert  Williamsville
6"Canterbury"Nov 15, 2010SMILLA76  Cianciana
7"Canterbury"  1  2Jul 20, 2010Maria81  London
8"Canterbury: pilgrim's way, traveler's way"  7  24Sep 16, 2009Landotravel  Comunidad de Madrid
9"And did those feet?"  3Aug 24, 2009TheLongTone  Bristol
10"Canterbury Tales"  5Mar 13, 2009cjg1  New York City
11"Canterbury"  1Nov 1, 2008tini58de   Karlsruhe
12"Canterbury"  1Aug 23, 2008Agraichen  Chula Vista
13"My Canterbury"May 30, 2008robertbaum  Matsudo
14"Canterbury 2008"  3May 19, 2008mirane  Lodz
15"The gate to England"  1May 7, 2008floche2001  Estaimpuis
16"Canterbury"  3  12Apr 30, 2008Igraine  Purmerend
17"Human Conscience"  4Jan 25, 2008Sage49  Chicago
18"Canterbury"  3Nov 16, 2007tim07  Wakefield
19"Canterbury"  3  61Aug 2, 2007uglyscot  Khartoum
20"Canterbury"  3Apr 9, 2007gumboyaya  Frankfurt am Main
21"Quaint, traditonal English"  4Mar 31, 2007Italianmanboy  Rome
22"Canterbury."  3Mar 19, 2007sheilasmith  Moscow
23"Making your own Canterbury Tale!"  2  4Feb 18, 2007mtstranscribe  Knoxville
24"Kent The Garden of England"  8Dec 28, 2006alectrevor  York
25"Canterbury"  1Dec 3, 2006kristen05  Washington D.C.
26"A perfect Day trip"  6  15Oct 25, 2006jo104  Sri Lanka
27"Canterbury"  14  43Oct 20, 2006smschley  Hayward
28"canterbury"  5  8Oct 7, 2006doug48  Orlando
29"Canterbury"  1  4Sep 26, 2006robertgaz  Bunbury
30"Walking to Canterbury like the pilgrims of Olde!"  3Sep 15, 2006angiebabe  London
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