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1"Dover ...."  9  30Dec 15, 2013pieter_jan_v   Hengelo
2"There'll be bluebirds over white cliffs of Dover"Dec 14, 2013Zanzibargirl  Newcastle
3"White Cliffs of Dover"  1  3Oct 3, 2013windoweb  Edinboro
4"Calais Dover Calais"  3  14May 11, 2013Kuznetsov_Sergey  Moscow
5"Dover"Feb 24, 2013citytrip  Sheffield
6"Dover"  1Jul 31, 2012Oneill2905  Shropshire
7"My Day in Dover"  4  16Jun 3, 2012zadunajska8  Eastbourne
8"The White Cliffs"  2  4Mar 25, 2012cleocat  Greater London
9"OUR FIRST TOWN IN ENGLAND WAS DOVER"  14  34Sep 22, 2011balhannah   Brisbane
10"A town with real 'sole'.."  6  10Sep 3, 2011Herkbert  Williamsville
11"only an arrival or departure town?"  1Sep 5, 2010janomill  Bontebok
12"White Cliffs of Dover"  2May 8, 2010t_cinanni  Perth
13"Europe's busiest ferry port"  3Nov 25, 2009Chuckaziz  Kuala Lumpur
14"More than just the White Cliffs..."  1  3Nov 1, 2008Myfanwe  Cardiff
15"White Cliffs of Dover"  1  5Jul 16, 2008apbeaches  New York City
16"Dover"  4  18Apr 19, 2008Igraine  Purmerend
17"The Channel Ferry"  1Dec 24, 2007hoofhearted  San Antonio
18"Dover, gateway to the sea"  2Dec 16, 2007Cruiseone2003  San Francisco
19"A stop in Dover"  4  10Apr 20, 2007karibery  Red Deer
20"The White Cliffs of Dover"  2Mar 31, 2007uglyscot  Khartoum
21"Dover"  3Mar 19, 2007sheilasmith  Moscow
22"Dover"Jan 1, 2007AnnaLupilla  Nürnberg
23"THE WHITE CLIFFS"  1Dec 31, 2006mavl  Tokyo
24"Dover"  4  8Oct 22, 2006smschley  Hayward
25"More of a dirty greenish colour"  17  18Oct 22, 2006TheLongTone  Bristol
26"Dover"  3  4Sep 26, 2006robertgaz  Bunbury
27"Dover"  3Sep 10, 2006Krumlovgirl  Irvine
28"Hund's very short Dover page"  1  2Jul 14, 2006hundwalder  Prague
29"Dover - White cliffs country"  1Jun 30, 2006tuff  San Francisco
30"Camping Vacation"  1Jun 14, 2006Sirrogue40  Birmingham
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