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1"Falkirk"  1  4Feb 1, 2014Drever   Ayr
2"I didn't really visit it at all."  3  12Jun 16, 2013planxty   London
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4"Falkirk Wheel"  2  3Nov 4, 2006tracylacie   Wasilla
5"Falkirk Wheel"Oct 28, 2005JaneSc  Falkirk
6"Big Wheel Keep On Turnin'"  23  25Sep 9, 2005stevezero  Belper
7"Absolutely fascinating piece of human ingenuity"  3Aug 30, 2005kathymof  Fresno
8"When I'm not elsewhere ....I'm here!"  1Jul 23, 2005Chrisss01  Falkirk
9"Falkirk, a town full of history"  1May 7, 2005Jimmythree  Falkirk
10"falkirk"  3Feb 23, 2005maraj  Falkirk
11"Falkirk - the wheel and other things"  1  2Jan 17, 2005gordonilla  Uxbridge
12"Very Big Wheel"  9  31Feb 27, 2003zizkov  Stirling