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1"THE SAXON TOWN"  1  8Aug 16, 2015DAO  Wakefield
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6"Guildford"  3  11Nov 6, 2007tim07  Wakefield
7"Hiking on the North Downs"  4  19Jun 24, 2007barryg23  Ealing
8"Lively & pretty"  12  37May 24, 2007annase  Leeds
9"Guildford"Apr 18, 2006andrewyong  London
10"My Home Town!"  6  3Feb 23, 2006hotlipz  Guildford
11"Charming medieval/college city in Surrey"  8  10Feb 18, 2006Jefie   Quebec
12"GUILDFORD"  2  13Aug 29, 2005zuriga  Surrey
13"Guildford, Surrey: with the fringe on top."  2  3Jul 17, 2005CitizenTed  Bellingham
14"Guilfest - Annual Music Festival in Stoke Park"  15  35Jul 17, 2005Mariajoy  East Sussex
15"Guildford Surrey, A lovely university town"  1  5May 21, 2005Xdrive  Sydney
16"Guildford Intro."May 26, 2004mark719802  Guildford
17"Godalming....near Guildford"  1Sep 5, 2003Jamesfrankcom  London
18"Guildford, beautiful and unspoilt, friendly people"Aug 24, 2003Tesh1974  World
19"The Golden Ford"  11  12Aug 19, 2003Bjorgvin  Reykjavík Region
20"Guilford"  1Sep 4, 2002abusch  São Paulo