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1"A Friendly Place"  3  14Dec 9, 2011Balam   Manchester
2"Nice cathedral city in a pretty corner of England"  4  4Apr 20, 2011slothtraveller   Tamworth
3"Pottery Painting in Hereford UK"  1Aug 4, 2010annedavidson  World
4"Amongst the orchards lies a place of pilgrimage..."  9  40Dec 27, 2008leics   Leicester
5"Olde English Hereford"  8  25Dec 15, 2008Myfanwe   Cardiff
6"Hereford"  2Feb 23, 2008mirabo  Brno
7"Hereford and the river Wye"Jul 22, 2007jimthornton  Nottingham
8"Hereford, An English Market Town"  1  1Sep 2, 2006bukowski_jr  London
9"Hereford"  2  7Jan 5, 2006Tom_Fields  Washington D.C.
10"Hereford ~ Mappa Mundi ~ Closed Sundi"  3  5Nov 27, 2005aaaarrgh  Cardiff
11"A place well worth a visit"  3Nov 26, 2004svetik2000  Moscow
12"Hereford"  1Oct 11, 2004evertonrthebest  Perth
13"Cathedral City or Market Town"  3  9Aug 2, 2004KittyLou  Middlebury
14"Old-fashioned County Town"  2  2Feb 3, 2004Galahad  Shrawley
15"Hereford"  2Aug 30, 2002DUNK67  Evesham