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1"Lake District"  1Dec 9, 2013yumnaali  London
2"A WEEK IN THE LAKE DISTRICT"  9  42Aug 11, 2012GrantBoone  Ealing
3"Things to Do in a Rainy Lake District"  1Nov 26, 2011Getcarlos  Gateshead-on-Tyne
4"Lake District"  1  2Nov 15, 2011Maria81  London
5"A short week at Coniston Water"  7  18Aug 9, 2011SurfaceTravel  London
6"Lakes District"  4Jul 11, 2011spidermiss  Leeds
7"The Lake District"  3Jul 3, 2011uglyscot  Khartoum
8"The Lake District National Park"  1  2Aug 12, 2010traveller2244  Ambleside
9"A Wonderful Part of England"  11  22Apr 27, 2010zuriga  Surrey
10"Wonderful and beautiful place"  1  4Dec 21, 2009clareabee  Warrington
11"The Lake District"Sep 27, 2009justinfarrell  Manchester
12"Love at 2nd sight"  1  8May 16, 2009Elenitsa  Chipping Sodbury
13"Romantic Bowness on Windermere"Dec 30, 2008beachboy  London
14"Don't mind the bull, he'll be fine"  12  34Nov 15, 2008christine.j  Germany
15"Known as one of the best destinations in the UK!"  1  3Aug 4, 2008123rabz  Leeds
16"The "Switzerland" of England"  8  41Jun 29, 2008Helga67  Belgium
17"Lake District changed my point of view on England"  1  7Jul 25, 2007Landad  Durham
18"A place difficult not to fall in love with"  2  6Jul 21, 2007punkintina  Taiwan
19"The Lake District Pictures"  3Jul 10, 2007bwk_michael  Manchester
20"Englands most scenic area"  4  6Jul 7, 2007Britannia2  Swanland
21"Lake District"  50  138May 31, 2007barryg23  Ealing
22"Lake District Outdoor Page"Feb 16, 2007nks487  Southport
23"The pearl of England"  3Oct 22, 2006manevska  London
24"enchanting landscapes and medieval castles..."  1Aug 7, 2006econdra1  Lokeren
25"Derwent Water"  2May 21, 2006RachelSmith  Cumbria
26"What a lovely place to see"  3May 16, 2006cherrie18  Barrow in Furness
27"Plan your visit to avoid the crowds!"  1Jan 2, 2006jol1y  Manchester
28"What a Lark in the Lakes!"  6Dec 29, 2005monkeymoments  United Kingdom
29"Lakes and blue sky"  1Dec 5, 2005chrisban  Newcastle upon Tyne
30"Lake"  3Nov 14, 2005jumanuel  World
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