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1"the nice monster"  6  13Aug 18, 2014pollon  Italy
2"Loch Ness"  2  11Apr 3, 2011spidermiss  Leeds
3"The most famous loch"  3Apr 2, 2010Manara  Parma
4"A Special Visit to Loch Ness"  3  21Nov 19, 2008scottishvisitor  Aberdeen
5"Haunted shores"  8Aug 22, 2008ange_famine  Nice
6"Loch Ness"  3Jul 10, 2007bwk_michael  Manchester
7"Looking for elusive Nessie"  3Jun 9, 2007wanli  Singapore
8"Loch Ness"  2May 23, 2007earthflyer  England
9"Castle Urquhart - by Lake Ness"  1Mar 15, 2007siver  Seattle
10"You'll Never Find A Nessie In A Zoo"  1  3Oct 11, 2006supercarys  Blue Mountains
11"Golden Monster"  2  1Aug 8, 2006albert34  Palencia
12"On the monsters trail..."  2  4Jul 16, 2006husain  Delhi
13"LOCH NESS"  2  10Jun 24, 2006susancallus  Malta
14"They Came, They Saw.... Nothing"  5  11Jun 19, 2006stevezero  Belper
15"Inverness, Drumnadrochit, Fort Augustus & Nessie"Jan 15, 2006beachboy  London
16"WHERE IS 'NESSIE' ?"  2  3Jan 1, 2006DAO  Wakefield
17"Where's the Monster?"  1  6Dec 31, 2005rdo911  Winnipeg
18"Loch Ness"  10  18Sep 14, 2005ginte  London
19"loch ness"  2Aug 2, 2005SORHUS  Haugesund
20"Mysterious Loch Ness"  1  4Jul 25, 2005psychocy  Laconia
21"where is Nessie hiding?"  1Jun 21, 2005awladhassan  United Arab Emirates
22"Loch Ness"  7  8May 28, 2005ophiro  Petah Tiqwa
23"WHERE'S NESSIE?"  1Feb 10, 2005travel-bugg  Oslo
24"Loch Ness and the legend of Nessy"  1Feb 9, 2005chesterridenour  Ohio
25"Loch Ness"Sep 16, 2004hounder99  Worthing
26"Loch Ness in April 2004"  1May 19, 2004koalaperhe  Helsinki
27"Loch Ness - Didn't know Nessie had such a place!"  2  3May 3, 2004saraheg77  Allen
28"Looking for Nessie"  1Feb 16, 2004caminoreal  Tulsa
29"Uquhart castle"  1Feb 10, 2004wojsyl  Warsaw
30"Here Nessie, Nessie...."  1  2Nov 30, 2003europebn  Edinburgh
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