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1"Newcastle - A Visit to St James Park"  2  7Mar 5, 2015vichatherly  Knebworth
2"Newcastle"  14  28Oct 14, 2014antistar  Frankfurt am Main
3"NEWCASTLE - THE GEORDIE JEWEL OF THE NORTH"  1Aug 22, 2014plumber05  Newcastle
4"Some pics from Newcastle"  3Jun 10, 2014slothtraveller  Tamworth
5"A Bank Holiday Visit"  3Sep 1, 2013gordonilla  Uxbridge
6"Newcastle Upon Tyne"Mar 13, 2013vtTom  Rijssen
7"Newcaste Upon Tyne"Feb 24, 2013citytrip  Sheffield
8"Regional capital of the north east"  28  37Sep 18, 2012Britannia2  Swanland
9"Newcastle"  10  31Mar 13, 2012zadunajska8  Eastbourne
10"Newcastle Utd"  2  6Dec 29, 2011Twan  Sint-Oedenrode
11"Newcastle... The best kept Secrets!"  1Oct 30, 2011Getcarlos  Gateshead-on-Tyne
12"Putting the new in Newcastle"  1  3Oct 10, 2011MikeBird  Bedfordshire
13"Cool city"  4May 29, 2011littlebush   Auckland
14"Nice city"  3  2May 15, 2011Robin020  Toronto
15"A Geordie City!"  4  9Apr 3, 2011spidermiss  Leeds
16"Newcastle - Letuz take a Gander....."  6  29Mar 2, 2011suvanki  Sheffield
17"Pottery Bank Newcastle-upon-Tyne"  2Aug 30, 2010daviencle  Newcastle
18"Newcastle-Upon-Tyne"  5  19May 6, 2010yvgr  Kirkwall
19"Geordie Haven"  3Aug 6, 2009jimgibson4  Newcastle upon Tyne
20"Newcastle my home toon"  5  37Jul 8, 2008geordieontour  Wallsend-on-Tyne
21"Newcastle upon Tyne - My home town"  5  6Feb 24, 2008honeymooner82  Newcastle upon Tyne
22"Try Whitley Bay if you are on a budget"Jan 19, 2008traveller08  Edmonton
23"Never been to the town, but I'm in the Toon Army"  3Dec 8, 2007850prc  Florida
24"Newcastle upon Tyne"  1  8Nov 14, 2007tim07  Wakefield
25"Angel of the north"  1Oct 10, 2007orix  Netanya
26"My old home"  3Sep 22, 2007beachmangarden  Phuket
27"Newcastle in Pictures"  2  13Sep 12, 2007bwk_michael  Manchester
28"Forever Memory, My University Town"Aug 20, 2007songaloud  Shanghai
29"i m in newcastle"  35Aug 13, 2007cagdaskula  Istanbul Ili
30"Newcastle Upon Tyne - a party town?"  1May 13, 2007pcci  Savitaipale
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