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1"Back to the 50s/60s/70s........"  6  18Jul 24, 2010leics  Leicester
2"The Giant's Walk"  2Oct 9, 2009diamond_skies  Belfast
3"Gateway to the Causeway"  1  2Feb 12, 2008highlandlaura  Indiana
4"The Port of the Promontory"  12  25Aug 4, 2007viddra   Kikinda
5"Great Base For Exploring"  4  2Jun 7, 200743beckos   Liverpool
6"Seaside"  3Apr 18, 2006Kap2  London
7"i feel young again!"  3Dec 27, 2005catherineneill  Belfast
8"Worth a trip to the North Coast"  9  3Dec 11, 2005clivedinburgh  Dunfermline
9"Portstewart's Ugly Big Sister"  3  1Oct 25, 2005Catspjm  Belfast
10"Portrush"  1Sep 18, 2003kcrismier  Redmond