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1"Reading"Feb 24, 2013citytrip  Sheffield
2"Reading, Salisbury, Bath, Frome and Exeter"May 1, 2010guardiat  Toronto
3"Reading"Mar 8, 2010pakistanibrain  Dubai
4"A Weekend in Reading"  5  3May 23, 2009St_Vincent  Watford
5"Reading"  3  8Mar 25, 2009uglyscot  Khartoum
6"Reading the second millenium"  6  5Dec 17, 2008jonathanbarker  Reading
7"Been there everymonth"May 12, 2008psushil  Dubai
8"My Reading"  1  6Apr 26, 2008robertbaum  Matsudo
9"Reading Canal"  1Mar 10, 2008mjcCafe  Saint Louis
10"The 'Ding!"  2Jun 6, 2007katherinium  Chelmsford
11"Not In Anybody's Top 10 Places But..."  17  31Feb 25, 2007johngayton  Lundy Island
12"Reading: England's largest town."  17  17Dec 9, 2006mwe  Reading
13"Reading Town"  1Sep 27, 2006rezeik  Kuala Lumpur
14"Festive Reading"  4Aug 27, 2006aaaarrgh  Cardiff
15"LAYLAS PAGE"  3May 17, 2006SEXXYNESS  Reading
16"Reading..... also known as Reading :P"  8  10Dec 30, 2005iris2002  Woodbridge
17"Reading"Nov 13, 2005JessMay  Reading
18"The Thames and boaty things"  3Sep 21, 2005JoMulholland  Sydney
19"My Hometown"  3Jul 26, 2005crease  Reading
20"Reading"  4  1Feb 20, 2005Markyreid  Adelaide
21"Reading"  17  23Feb 16, 2005dejavu2gb  Reading
22"Reading, Berkshire, England."  30  30Sep 23, 2004easyoar  Reading
23"Reading"  1Jul 13, 2004husain  Delhi
24"I live in Reading"Jul 10, 2004sanzo  Reading
25"Reading UK"  2  3May 25, 2004mrdreameruk  Pattaya
26"Life as a Reading resident."  1Apr 25, 2004deathcookie  Reading
27"My Hometown!"  1Mar 26, 2004JimBobTheFirst  Reading
28"Reading"Feb 15, 2004imran_raoof  Dubai
29"Watch out for the curse!"  3  2Aug 13, 2003Hobbes007  London
30"Life on the farm"  3Jul 26, 2003cneilhoward  Plymouth
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