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1"There is nothing sadder ...Nada hay más triste..."  7  22Nov 14, 2013elpariente  Santander
2"A Pleasant Surprise!"  2  7Oct 1, 2013nickandchris  Dalton in Furness
3"A Visit to St Andrews"  3  18Aug 29, 2013spocklogic  Poquoson
4"THE HOME OF GOLF"  1  2Jul 7, 2013davidjo  Puerto Princesa
5"Home of Golf"  3  7Aug 12, 2012iaint  Kirkcaldy
6"St. Andrews"  4  7Jun 13, 2012JessieLang  Spokane
7"St. Andrews Scotland"  1  4Sep 17, 2011bobt54  Salt Lake City
8"St Andrews...My New Home!"  3Sep 13, 2011maykal  Saint Andrews
9"The Home of Golf"  2  3Nov 27, 2009Maria81  London
10"St. Andrews - the little town that gives you more!"  2  6Apr 6, 2009naibaho  Jakarta
11"Saint Andrews"  10  24Oct 4, 2008Redang   Madrid
12"One of Scotland's best kept secrets"  6Jul 9, 2008brendanpfox  Fife
13"Coolest place on the planet"  2  3Sep 23, 2007mtbikerdiva  Fayetteville
14"FORE!"  1  8Mar 21, 2007Neat001  Niagara Falls
15"St. Andrew's - other than golf...."  1  8Feb 15, 2007graememooney  Toronto
16"Study at St. Andrews!!!"Dec 25, 2006splath1  County Wicklow
17"The Home of Golf"  1  1Oct 28, 2006aliante1981  London
18"love-hate relationship"  3  4Feb 8, 2006catherineneill  Belfast
19"Old Course"Dec 23, 2005beachboy  London
20"St. Andrews"  5  16Aug 29, 2005Peterodl  Maplewood
21"Home of my Alma Mater"  3Apr 11, 2005morgenhund  Vienna
22"St Andrews and the Kingdom of Fife"  57  60Mar 29, 2005stevezero  Belper
23"More than a Golfer's Mecca"  2  3Mar 4, 2005Callavetta  San Francisco
24"KINGDOM OF FIFE"  1  8Feb 10, 2005travel-bugg  Oslo
25"St Andrews"  6Feb 2, 2005mac-me  Glasgow
26"The Royal Burgh of St Andrews"  3Jan 19, 2005gordonilla  Uxbridge
27"Golf & Students?"  1Dec 24, 2004Humidor  Kingsbarns
28"ST. ANDREWS , SCOTLAND"  1Sep 30, 2004RACCOON1  Toronto
29"Saint Andrews"  3  4Sep 27, 2004marciaca  Houston
30"St. Andrews"  3Sep 9, 2004Monza_dh  Boston
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