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1"Back again"  9  19Feb 3, 2014iaint  Kirkcaldy
2"Welcome to Sheffield!"  24May 15, 2011The_Ooop_North_Crew  England
3"Sheffield"  25  110Apr 9, 2011spidermiss   Leeds
4"Sheffield"  2Sep 29, 2010BarneyUK  United Kingdom
5"Sheffield... its Steel the one for Me!"  6  2Apr 5, 2010Getcarlos  Gateshead-on-Tyne
6"Sheffield"  3  10May 31, 2009tim07  Wakefield
7"Sheffield, South Yorkshire"  29  239May 28, 2009SWFC_Fan  Sheffield
8"Sheffield"  4  15Apr 12, 2009mickeyboy07  Stalybridge
9"Sheffield"  1  9Sep 16, 2008citytrip  Sheffield
10"My Sheffield"  1Apr 25, 2008NateSeats  Sheffield
11"Hill, Steel and Green"  3  5Mar 12, 2008EviP  Athens
12"A city dominated by two universities"Feb 11, 2008gigina  Malta
13"Sheffield "More than just a city of steel""  89  284Sep 24, 2007Skillsbus  Sheffield
14"The dirty picture in the golden frame"Aug 22, 2007Zagblatwurt  Sheffield
15"Sheffield after 7 years!"  1  3Aug 7, 2007JuliaK  London
16"Sheffield, South Yorkshire"  3May 14, 2007sakurahime  Gorizia
17"The Socialist republic of South Yorkshire."  10  10Dec 4, 2006sourbugger  County Galway
18"Home is where the heart is!"  1  1Nov 13, 2006Gillybob  Manchester
19"Sheffield - A Mecca of Def Leppard!... & Sean Bean"  1Oct 12, 2006Bilimari  Connecticut
20"Visiting for one day"  3Jun 6, 2006DaneHuckleberry  Ulstrup
21"Wherever I lay my hat - that's my home...."Mar 14, 2006hathor1711  Sheffield
22"Sheffield"Mar 9, 2006cine_cine  Tuzla
23"SHEFFIELD"  3Feb 26, 2006evangelosv  Greece
24"Another Business trip to Sheffield/ Rotherham"  3Nov 6, 2005gaolei  Westerly
25"Sheffield- The friendly safe city"  2  9Mar 9, 2005denise16  Warwickshire
26"It's where I was born and where I live!"Jan 4, 2005stoneypeice  Sheffield
27"Sheffield, It's not so grim Ooop North!"  170  624Aug 15, 2004suvanki  Sheffield
28"Sheffield"  2  5Dec 22, 2003Rosie-o  Melbourne
29"Nil Desperandum (never despair)"Sep 29, 2003Malcar  Sheffield
30"Sheffield-Steel city"  1Jul 25, 2003tomjackson  Sheffield
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