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1"Home of the oldest occupied castle in the world"  1Jan 22, 2013etfromnc  Matthews
2"Windsor"  1  3Oct 28, 2012SallyM  Great Missenden
3"LEGOLAND, or The Cost Of Being An Indulgent Parent"  1Jul 6, 2012CatherineReichardt  Johannesburg
4"Memories of Windsor ENGLAND"  1Jan 5, 2012freddie18  Toronto
5"Alas, not a royal to be found."  1Sep 4, 2011Herkbert  Williamsville
6"Let Them Eat Cake"Jun 3, 2011Marisola  Chicago
7"Windsor"  3Jun 8, 2010Suzze  Kent
8"A right royal town"  4  10May 24, 2010Sjalen  Sweden
9"Winsor- The castle and a quite little town"  3  3May 3, 2010geetamallya  London
10"Windsor"  4  10Dec 3, 2009poreby  Slough
11"pretty Windsor where the Queen would rather live"  18  70May 24, 2009angiebabe   London
12"Windsor"  3  12Oct 31, 2008uglyscot  Khartoum
13"Windsor-the royal residences."  7  25Sep 15, 2008mallyak  Sydney
14"Historic and Lovely Windsor"  7  25Jul 8, 2008rexvaughan  Decatur
15"Windsor - Eton"  2Jul 5, 2008desa32  Bekasi
16"Windsor - Royal Town & Castle"  2  11Jun 20, 2008Anjin-san  Fort Worth
17"Windsor 2008"  3May 20, 2008mirane  Lodz
18"Windsor"  2Feb 1, 2008keida84  Oxnard
19"Royal Lands"  3Jan 19, 2008Emmjai  Norwich
20"Windsor"  10  28Nov 7, 2007tim07  Wakefield
21"The castle and more"  6Oct 16, 2007colin_bramso  Terrigal
22"Windsor"  3Jul 23, 2007philsta  Bath
23"Windsor"  4  4May 30, 2007Linse  Copenhagen
24"Windsor, England."  1  4May 25, 2007mwe  Reading
25"A great Day Trip!"  1  2May 14, 2007ChartIt  Naperville
26"Windsor castle"May 8, 2007beachboy  London
27"Windsor - a lovely city"  2  4Apr 29, 2007stevemt   Brisbane
28"Well....what can one say?"  5  9Feb 17, 2007leics   Leicester
29"Windsor Castle"  1Jan 17, 2007Aapstertjie  Middelburg
30"Windsor"  3Dec 22, 2006glendzlopez  San Pablo City
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