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1"Winter Sunshine Break"  1Mar 18, 2013Gillybob   Manchester
2"Albufeira Bar Crawl"  1Jan 24, 2013petecorbs  Albufeira
3"Albufeira"  1Sep 7, 2012ovtandi  Turku
4"A warm welcome and a delight to visit"  7  18Jul 4, 2012tango_jd  Solihull
5"albufeira nightlife"  1Jun 19, 2012mickmca  Belfast
6"Albufeira"  1Oct 18, 2011Twan  Sint-Oedenrode
7"Albufeira"  1  8Aug 30, 2011ardnas67  Heerhugowaard
8"Albufeira."  6  11Oct 21, 2010cachaseiro  Denmark
9"Aqua Pedra dos Bicos Hotel, Albufeira, Portugal"  1Oct 10, 2010Cosmo-Polit  Koblenz
10"Albufeira hotel 2km out of town - perfect holiday"  3Sep 3, 2010Josie1610  Harlow
11"Portugal"  1  3Jul 10, 2010alexniko13  Dublin
12"Montechoro, Albufeira:"  7Sep 12, 2009JulesRules  Rotterdam
13"albufeira tourist center of algarve"  4  11Aug 22, 2009hanspeter_W.  Zürich
14"Albufeira - Portugal"  1Jul 13, 2009J&K  Tallinn
15"Albufeira"May 16, 2009citytrip  Sheffield
16"KNOWING ALBUHERA"  1Mar 10, 2009iamnarf  Porto
17"Albufeira, Algarve, Portugal"  5  8Apr 9, 2008GibJoe  Gibraltar
18"Not all that glistens is gold..."  3Mar 3, 2008sailornappo  Toronto
19"Albufeira"  3Mar 2, 2008Balam  Manchester
20"Albufeira"Feb 24, 2008chrissyms  Swansea
21"My first discovery of Ocean"  3Jan 14, 2008Giulia_ua  Kiev
22"summer home!"Nov 22, 2007tastie  Chelmsford
23"Albufeira"  2Nov 20, 2007cubsur  Albufeira
24"Albufeira"  6  11Sep 13, 2007intertraveler  Preston
25"Albufeira - Summer Capital of the Algarve"  10  25Aug 13, 2007Propermark  Bratislava
26"Albufeira - addictive and magic"  1  4Jul 17, 2007Diancik  Prague
27"ALBUFEIRA - ALGARVE"  2  9Jul 11, 2007Tricky_Dicky69  Rochester
28"Albufeira, awesome place for fun!"May 28, 2007ronnymanu  Sydney
29"Seems to be the center of Algarve"  2May 11, 2007archtraveler  Chicago
30"Nice winterdays in south of Portugal"  3May 3, 2007TIGEREYE  Stockholm
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