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1"Beja"Dec 6, 2012Arimateia  London
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4"Beja - Nice town and impressive tower"  6  35Jun 8, 2009gubbi1   Aschaffenburg
5"Beja"  14  28Jun 26, 2008solopes   Turquel
6"Beja"  1Aug 30, 2005ncfg  Portugal
7"Vacation with some friends in a Hacienda Hotel"  5  23Nov 23, 2003whvcebu  Duisburg
8"Beja - Portugal Page"  9  22Jul 6, 2002TinKan  Hereford
9"acilina's new Monsaraz Page"  6  26May 25, 2002acilina  Lisbon
10"Beja"  8Mar 3, 2002AVentura  Lisbon
11"Eszter's Beja Page"  1Feb 13, 2002Eszter  Hungary
12"Martines's new Beja Page"  1Jun 24, 2001Martines  Lisbon
13"Beja and Mértola 2 beautiful hystoric place"  3  15May 20, 2001Branco  Lisbon
14"Alentejo"  4Apr 3, 2001JoseMonteiro  Lisbon