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1"The sun danced in the sky"  2Jan 4, 2014Dymphna1  Park City
2"~Fatima~"  1Apr 3, 2010Yaqui  California
3"Jumping in Fatima!"  2Feb 7, 2010Jumping  Phoenix
4"Fatima, Portugal"  3Sep 26, 2009al_mary  Massachusetts
5"Jumping Around Fatima"  3  19Sep 16, 2009jumpingnorman  Phoenix
6"Portugals place of christian faith."  3  8Aug 6, 2009cachaseiro  Denmark
7"Fatima Portugal"  3Jun 28, 2009fachd  Canberra
8"Fatima Portugal"  3Dec 21, 2008joyce&dean  Irwin
9"There's nothing to see in Fatima..."  3Oct 4, 2008stamporama  Makati
10"Fatima, Portugal"  1Nov 22, 2007wife2004  Norfolk
11"Fatima"  1Jun 10, 2007pecsihornet  Pecs
12"fatima"  1Apr 8, 2007quartinb  Portugal
13"Fatima"  1Feb 27, 2007zuzannawos  Ireland
14"Travelling to Fatima from Ireland"Jan 10, 2007irishgal43  Dublin
15"Fátima"  3Jan 9, 2007BrunoPires  Chaves
16"Fatima"  2  3Jan 6, 2007tigerjapan  Tokyo-to
17"Late night arrival and too late to see the masses!"  2Dec 30, 2006angiebabe  Xi'an
18"PILGRIMAGE TO FATIMA"  1Oct 21, 2006mavl  Tokyo
19"Religous? Make your own mind up!"  6  10Oct 19, 2006nhcram  Dover
20"Fatima - Faith and Business"  7  10Oct 1, 2006solopes  Turquel
21"A place for adoration"  3Jul 10, 2006HarShe  Melbourne
22"Fatima - Portugal's Holiest Town"  7  10Jun 30, 2006mikelisaanna  New Jersey
23"Fatima - A town of religious commercialisation"  1  3May 30, 2006metteks  Kolding
24"The 3 Seers of Fatima"  6  3May 19, 2006Davelyn  Edmonton
25"Fatima"  1Mar 14, 2006AdamJaam  Burlingame
26"Fatima"  1Mar 11, 2006Jef5  Victoria
27"Fatima - a day trip"  2Jan 27, 2006Audrey118  Kuala Lumpur
28"Fatima - A pilgrims destination"  3Apr 9, 2005gubbi1  Aschaffenburg
29"Fatima"  1Mar 12, 2005chrissyalex  New York State
30"Fatima"  1  3Jan 9, 2005wroclawiak  Wroclaw
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