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1"The first slave market in Europe"  4  13Sep 22, 2013jorgejuansanchez  Hospitalet
2"Lagos"  2Aug 24, 2012myriam_c  Kalmthout
3"Lagos - Historic port of the Algarve"  17  83Dec 4, 2010Willettsworld  United Kingdom
4"My favorite town in Algarve."  17  24Sep 7, 2010cachaseiro   Denmark
5"Lagos, an historical city"  1  7Jul 27, 2010ardnas67  Heerhugowaard
6"nice sunny city"  6May 12, 2010windpaard  Leuven
7"Lagos"  3Nov 30, 2009bwk_michael  Manchester
8"THE FORTESS ON THE BEACH"  1  8Oct 18, 2009DAO  Wakefield
9"Lagos, Portugal 2008"  2Jan 7, 2009Dramaqueen2  Crook
10"LAGOS PORTUGAL"Jun 8, 2008DennyP  Parramatta
11"a quick visit to Lagos"  1  1Oct 5, 2007Lyneke  Brussels
12"Shopping and History"  11  37Sep 17, 2007Balam  Manchester
13"Lagos"  3Sep 14, 2007marcelmakara  Bratislava
14"Go to Lagos!"  1Jul 23, 2007ksuchy  Bronxville
15"I've had 3 amazing holidays in Lagos!"  1Jun 6, 2007katherinium  Chelmsford
16"Lagos"May 24, 2007lil_jessi431  Lymington
17"I thought the roads were bad..."  5  8Apr 16, 2007chodearm  Brooklyn
18"Clifs, caves, beaches..."  1Apr 11, 2007spanishguy  Sevilla
19"Astonishing beaches"  3Apr 2, 2007pmuller  Chicago
20"Lovely Lagos"  4  4Jan 18, 2007evilprebil  Philadelphia
21"algarve coast"  1Dec 16, 2006lostinthefoam  Honolulu
22"LAGOS"  9  7Sep 19, 2006RudoElCojonudo  Bilbao
23"A roadtrip to Cabo de São Vicente"Aug 25, 2006Christina1881  Barcelona
24"Lagos"  2  3May 29, 2006midnight_mike  Chicago
25"Lagos, not a great deal to see here"  1May 20, 2006Maxus  World
26"Lagos at Sunrise"  1Apr 5, 2006Kamoto  Aberdeen
27"I lived here some years of my youth!!"  3Mar 30, 2006magnolia69  Lisbon
28"WELCOME TO MY LAGOS PORTUGAL PAGE!"  1Feb 13, 2006richardbarker  Cheshire
29"Ponta da Piedade"  4  13Jan 15, 2006solopes  Turquel
30"Lagos"  1Dec 5, 2005stevengovaerts  Gent
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