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1"So much to see in one small place..did I say SMALL"  12  81Jun 21, 2011Martin_S.  Beersheba
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3"Queluz"  6  12Mar 2, 2008Redang  Madrid
4"An ancient suburb"  5  13Nov 13, 2006rexvaughan  Decatur
5"Queluz, Portugal"  2Jan 23, 2006NYTX  Smithville
6"A Portuguese Versailles"  7  11Dec 24, 2005el_ruso  Coral Gables
7"National Palace of Queluz"  6  30Jan 4, 2004NunoF  Alcochete
8"Eszter's Queluz Page"Nov 13, 2003Eszter  Hungary
9"Queluz. The palace is gorgeous..."  13Jul 5, 2003Branco  Lisbon