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1"Sagres: Way Out There on the SW Tip of Europe"  5  11May 19, 2012TooTallFinn24  Sacramento
2"Sagres, a summer time city"  1  7Jun 20, 2011Martin_S.  Arad
3"Finisterrae"  5  19Feb 9, 2011elpariente  Santander
4"Mainland Europe's most south-westernmost point"  14  65Dec 4, 2010Willettsworld  United Kingdom
5"STUNNING SAGRES"  1  8Oct 31, 2009DAO  Wakefield
6"Sagres - A fortress with history"  24Jun 8, 2009gubbi1  Aschaffenburg
7"Sagres"  1May 24, 2009DeeQuita  Darmstadt
8"Sagres - Guesthouse"Dec 19, 2008SophieMoors  World
9"A place at the End of the World"  7  23Sep 18, 2007Balam  Manchester
10"Sagras algarve"  1Jul 17, 2007thorlin  Odense
11"The very corner of Europe"  1Apr 11, 2007spanishguy  Sevilla
12"A Historical Reference"  9  30Feb 13, 2007solopes  Turquel
13"A roadtrip to Cabo de São Vicente"Aug 25, 2006Christina1881  Barcelona
14"At the end of ...."  1Aug 13, 2006Lunaina  Helmond
15"Europe's west-west-west - can't be more !!"  1  2Aug 2, 2006GeoDenia  Thessaloniki
16"Heaven"May 22, 2006meesh67  Buzzards Bay
17"sagres"  1Nov 28, 2005deedeechi  Honolulu
18"Sagres and the last land of Europe"  1Nov 25, 2005debemaks  Lerici
19"Sagres"  1Aug 30, 2005ncfg  Portugal
20"SAGRES"  1  4Jul 4, 2005Gerrem  Germany
21"Sagres in the Off-Season"  6  7Apr 14, 2005miketrudeau  Sheffield
22"Surfing in the wind"Mar 23, 2005chess_machine  France
23"In the foot steps of Henry the Navigator"  2Mar 14, 2005Assenczo  Ottawa
24"Cabo De Saint Vicente (Cape St. Vincent)"  1Oct 9, 2004Geoff_Wright  Altarnun
25"Cabo Sao Vicente and Sagres Fort"  3Oct 7, 2004Beach_dog  Marbella
26"Cabo de St vicente and Sagres Fortress"  13  22Oct 4, 2004Carmela71  Spain
27"Sagres"  2  3Aug 12, 2004whooping_wombat  Carlsbad
28"The end of the world"  1  2Jul 26, 2004Faracy  Brighton
29"Sagres"  4Jun 10, 2004alweis  Markham
30"Sagres"  1  28Mar 12, 2004johnsakura  Ouarzazate
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