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1"Dalí town..."  1Jan 3, 2014PrincessMonja  Málaga
2"The surreal world of Salvador Dali"  3May 4, 2013jorgejuansanchez  Hospitalet
3"day trip to Dali’s birthplace"  13  47Dec 24, 2012mindcrime    Athens
4"Figueres"  2  10Aug 27, 2010Dizzyhead  Eskilstuna
5"A Visit Beyond the Real Art World"  1  4Feb 6, 2010hquittner  New Orleans
6"One Surreal Visit..."  1Dec 9, 2007XtravelloverX  Illinois
7"Not only Dali's Museum"  2  10Apr 27, 2007Belsaita   Barcelona
8"Ciudad De Dali"  3  17Apr 17, 2007ozalp  Istanbul
9"For the Museo Dali of course"Feb 24, 2007sandydidou  Sauve
10"Dali´s Teatre Museu."  12  25Dec 15, 2006euzkadi  Guatemala
11"FIGUERES"  1Nov 29, 2006wroclawiak  Wroclaw
12"Salvador Dali"  1Nov 9, 2006Josilver  Sydney
13"Figueres ; Salvador Dali's sweet hometown"  9  29Oct 28, 2006artonice  Istanbul
14"Figueres = Salvador Dali = Avida Dollars"  4  18Sep 5, 2006solopes  Turquel
15"Fugueres is DALI!!!"  11Aug 30, 2006VincentJJ  Floirac
16"Figueres and genius Salvadore"  3Jul 27, 2006summer26  Bratislava
17"Dalí, Dalí"  2  6Apr 26, 2006lotharlerch  Telfs
18"One beautiful town in No Spain looking at France"  4  23Jan 17, 2006JeSuisJill  New York City
19"Figueres"  2  7Jan 12, 2006cspoor  Beverly Hills
20"Dali's crib"  1Jan 5, 2006stevengovaerts  Gent
21"Dali's Hometown"  2Jan 1, 2006viddra  Kikinda
22"Figueres"  2  7Nov 1, 2005mvtouring  South Africa
23"A short trip to Spain"  1Aug 28, 2005maritagnes  Bodø
24"Passing through?"  1  1May 31, 2005Kettleman  Hythe
25"Figueres... hometown of Salvador Dalí"  2May 11, 2005Queennie  Xiaolan
26"Figueres"  1May 6, 2005coopaloop  San Luis Obispo
27"Salvador Dali"  6  29Mar 26, 2005dlandt  Chicago
28"The Dali Theatre-Museum"  1  2Nov 2, 2004JetlagCity  Seattle
29"Figueres - You figure it out!"  1  2Sep 27, 2004Hi-TowerUK  Newbury
30"The Home of Salvador Dali"  14  15Sep 26,  Warsaw
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