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1"Guadix - the town of cave houses!"  3May 25, 2010illumina  Bristol
2"Come for the Choir, stay for the cave homes"  12  46May 5, 2008Martin_S.  Arad
3"Wierd and Wonderful"  12  13Jun 18, 2007blint   Cadiz
4"guadix"  5  15Sep 20, 2004quartinb   Portugal
5"Two days in a cave."  14  33Mar 13, 2003Beach_dog   Marbella
6"Gaudix.... Just came back (under construction)"  12  34Mar 3, 2003Carmela71  Spain
7"GUADIX, ESPAŅA (SPAIN)"  1  3Jan 8, 2003Canuck5  Fredericton
8"GUADIX"  2Jan 4, 2003Svillegas  Mollet