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1"Los Cristianos"  1  1Jan 27, 2014illumina   Worcester
2"Los Christianos"  4  23Jan 13, 2013kevin36  Suffolk
3"popular and nice and long promenade along the sea"  1Dec 23, 2011windpaard  Leuven
4"Tenerife - a tourist trap with wild nature around"  11  19Feb 6, 2011akkipaa   Finland
5"Old Favourite"  2  13Sep 25, 2010SabrinaSummerville   Waterford
6"We only took from here the ferry to La Gomera"  1Sep 29, 2007Carmela71  Spain
7"Totally for tourists..."  2Apr 28, 2006russian_yaz  Palma de Mallorca
8"Island in the Sun"  8  7Mar 31, 2006tenerifejohn  Hartlepool
9"Los Cristianos"  3Mar 7, 2006jel118981  Burgos
10"Los Cristianos"  1Mar 30, 2004adriandianne  Whitburn
11"Visited Tenerife over new year 2002 - 2003"Jan 6, 2003Izak  Perth