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1"South America"  4May 28, 2015Byssa  Brooklyn
2"South America stole our name....."  3Mar 18, 2015Orchid  Melbourne
3"Was on my bucket list for too long"Dec 20, 2014kbl  Manhattan Island
4"South America - America Latino"  1Mar 14, 2014nicoleken  Opwijk
5"Welcome to South America"  1Dec 9, 2013Madasabull  Warrington
6"visiting the region since 1988"  4  2Oct 25, 2012gwened  Pluvigner
7"My Peru trip"  3Aug 29, 2012The_Capricorn  Erlangen
8"Our blog on South American cruise"Jul 12, 2012tathraman  Tathra
9"ADVENTURE, EXCITEMENT and OVERLAND"  1  3Mar 22, 2012davidjo  Puerto Princesa
10"BA Argentina"  1Jan 30, 2012pearly_p  Kuala Lumpur
11"South America"  1Jan 26, 2012csordila  Budapest
12"Childhood's Dream"  1  6Oct 23, 2011dalmatiana  Murter
13"a great continent !"  25  121Jul 27, 2010globetrott  Vienna
14"Soy Loco Por ti, America !!!"Apr 29, 2010Alless  Rio de Janeiro
15"South America for a lifetime"Jan 2, 2010melosh  Palatka
16"Pacific Coast"  6  33Feb 7, 2009grandmaR  Leonardtown
17"Jumping Around South America!"  5  13Oct 12, 2008jumpingnorman  Phoenix
18"South America 2005-2008"  1  8May 12, 2008elsadran  Greece
19"Peru, land of the Inca's"  2May 1, 2008joesjoyous  Inverness
20"How I Ended Up Here"  1Feb 28, 2008yeikloen  Kajang
21"Peru all around"  1Oct 24, 2007alice831  Chicago
22"Miracle Continent"  2Aug 2, 2007hartti  Turku
23"This Gringa loves Latin America"  1Jun 13, 2007globecircler  San Diego
24"LEARNING THE A, B, C'S !"  11  63May 26, 2007DAO  Wakefield
25"Patagonia and Other Peculiar Places!"  3May 19, 2007janeolga  Lancaster
26"Viva Venezuela"Mar 19, 2007starrandcasey  South America
27"Year after year... it lures me in..."  1Dec 20, 2006stephz20  Edmonton
28"Another world ..."  1Dec 4, 2006TheWanderingCamel  State of Western Australia
29"Colombia a place you must visit!!!!"  3Nov 24, 2006calaro  Colombia
30"Margarieta Island"Nov 17, 2006dutchyk  Blackburn
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