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1"Toscana Totally Rocks"  2  7Jan 18, 2015BeatChick  Cincinnati
2"Tuscany and it's lovely small towns"  2  10Nov 2, 2013debdono7  New York State
3"Pure Italian"  4  15Oct 24, 2013shavy  Ieper
4"Tuscany - September 2005"  10Nov 20, 2012CDM7  Dorset
5"Wineries"  3Oct 7, 2012suzykw  World
6"Tuscany"  1  1Mar 4, 2012Maria81  London
7"Un invierno en Poggio Felice"  1  4Nov 2, 2011Chapayev  Mexico City
8"Tuscany like a picture"  23  103Aug 21, 2011magor65  Wroclaw
9"Wonderful Tuscany"  1Feb 27, 2011Peret  Barcelona
10"Toscana (or Tuscany)"  4  15Oct 4, 2010Martin_S.  Arad
11"Tuscany"Jul 15, 2010wynterpie  Madison
12"Tuscany general"  2  23Jul 6, 2010alza   North America
13"Tuscany is a beautiful region in Italy"  1  4Jun 15, 2010Beausoleil  Sacramento
14"Tuscany Tour 2010"  3Jun 8, 2010windoweb  Edinboro
15"Vacation in Tuscany - Italy"  3Sep 1, 2009meshandlola  World
16"Road trip through Tuscany 2002"Aug 25, 2009geoveo  Rugby
17"First visit to Europe - Fell in love with Italy"  2  10Apr 13, 2009Debbiedew  Petaluma
18"The best place in the world"  3Mar 7, 2009Alex_71  Florence
19"WONDERFUL TUSCANY"  3Nov 10, 2008Maramato  Tadworth
20"Tuscany, an oniric horizon"  1Nov 8, 2008halikowski  Budapest
21"A visit to Tuscany"  1May 20, 2008Herkbert  Williamsville
22"Toscana en Primavera"  1May 17, 2008elpariente  Santander
23"Culture trip to Tuscany"May 4, 2008DoubleUP  Pijnacker
24"tuscany"  3Apr 7, 2008ivanicci  San Francisco
25"Tuscany... it's everything you've ever heard."  3Mar 3, 2008travelrabbit  Tuscany
26"UNDER THE TUSCAN SUN"  3Nov 26, 2007csordila  Budapest
27"Tuscany"  3Oct 7, 2007nichole_521  Duluth
28"BUTI - TOSCANA"  3Sep 26, 2007Josibezz  Malta
29"Short break in Tuscany: Sienne; Florence"  1  5Aug 23, 2007erabsoy  Paris
30"Our trip to Tuscany"  2  5Aug 16, 2007AlexanderTab  Moscow
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