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31"Saint Petersburg"Jun 4, 2010kantohina  Donets'k
32"FROM RUSSIA WITH GREAT ENJOYMENT"  1  3May 22, 2010peterocnnor  Ireland
33"My first trip out of India to Russia."Apr 10, 2010aadil  Mumbai
34"Saint Petersburg"  2Feb 16, 2010tat_ka  Moscow
35"Russia"  3Oct 29, 2009lotharscheer  Vienna
36"Russia"  3Oct 17, 2009MITNIC  Athens
37"Russia - Big & Different"  2Sep 28, 2009Nuclei  Ankara
38"An Unusual September in Russia"  12  10Sep 23, 2009melosh  Palatka
39"kamchakta"  1  87Sep 6, 2009traveller1974  Milan
40"Siberia and Russia"Aug 19, 2009kristy7877  Brisbane
41"Russia June/July 2009"  2Aug 7, 2009nyperose  Lausanne
42"Moscow, St Petersburg & lived in Rostov Na Donu"Jul 31, 2009americaninmoscow  Phoenix
43"Trans Mongolian Experience"  1Jul 23, 2009illumina  Worcester
44"Russia"  2Jul 5, 2009georeiser  Oslo
45"Russia"  1Jul 4, 2009dhight  Hamilton
46"Vyborg"May 23, 2009VIRTUALKIKE  Helsinki
47"Russia"  20  21Apr 25, 2009Gili_S  Asia
48"YA DRUGOY TAKOY STRANY NE ZNAYU ;-)"  3Mar 28, 2009Noel_Leon  Torino
49"Russia"  15  17Jan 25, 2009ealgisi  Lugano
50"Wow! Wide and deep"Jan 18, 2009etfromnc  Matthews
51"Saint Petersburg"Nov 21, 2008MOUNTAINSUN  France
52"St. Petersburg"Nov 14, 2008seansf  San Francisco
53"A step into Russia's rich history"  8  40Nov 1, 2008TheWanderingCamel  State of Western Australia
54"St.Petersburg"  3  7Oct 24, 2008F.Lade  Nøtterøy
55"Jumping Around Russia!"  9Sep 28, 2008jumpingnorman  Phoenix
56"RUSSIA"  1Sep 19, 2008hairnazi1965  Emerald Isle
57"A Short Journey through Russia"  7Sep 6, 2008baltic_2005  London
58"Russia"  1Aug 20, 2008wwletters  Netanya
59"Russian Adventure"Aug 15, 2008kikalena  Gdansk
60"Moscow and Saint Petersburg in 10 days"Aug 12, 2008MTLinNJ  Paris
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