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1"A Good Stop"  3Jun 1, 2015Balam  Manchester
2"Flam Norway"  1Jul 17, 2014sparkieplug24  Scotland
3"Flimsy Flam"  1Aug 25, 2013shrimp56  Chicago
4"Enchanting hole"  3  9Sep 25, 2012Assenczo  Ottawa
5"MORE TROLLS AT FLAM!"  14  47Aug 27, 2012balhannah   Brisbane
6" Flåm"  3  18Aug 14, 2012lotharscheer  Vienna
7"Norway in a nutshell"  7  17Jul 25, 2012Dabs  Chicago
8"Up the Steeps of the Fjord Cliffs"  5  7Jul 18, 2011DSwede  Corpus Christi
9" so quiet"  1Feb 12, 2011djski  Greater London
10"Flåm"  1Dec 28, 2008Matyas  Fredericton
11"Picture postcard Scenery"  3Nov 1, 2008Myfanwe  Cardiff
12"Scenic Cruising & Flåm Railway"  18  50Jul 8, 2008MikeAtSea  Durban
13"FLAM.. Sogn og Fjordane...NORWAY"  3Jun 8, 2008DennyP  Parramatta
14"the heart of the Aurlandfjord"  5  6Oct 2, 2006call_me_rhia  Europe
15"Flam"  1Jul 24, 2006Animas  Bangkok
16"Flåm"  3Jul 2, 2006lerrun  Moscow
17"Beautiful mountain destination in northern Europe"  1Jun 29, 2006koalaperhe  Helsinki
18"Flam"  2  8Nov 18, 2005cfuentesm  Mexico City
19"There is more to Flam than the Flamsbana"  15  28Sep 22, 2005evaanna  Poland
20"One of the most spectacular tourist attractions"  5  14Sep 11, 2005MATIM  Gilze
21"Flåm"  7  8Jul 15, 2005seagoingJLW  Coconut Creek
22"Flam"  10  13Jun 13, 2005munki  Madrid
23"A day in Flam and the Fjords"  6Apr 3, 2005KieronP  London
24"Flam"  1Feb 14, 2005elcolibri  Isla de Tenerife
25"FLÅM and AURLANDSDALEN"  6  7Oct 2, 2004Maria_75  Isla de Gran Canaria
26"Flåm"  1Aug 26, 2004cecicorr  Modena
27"Flam Norway- Fjord Tour"  2Jul 1, 2004LeoM  Everett
28"The meeting with the fjords"  1  4Apr 24, 2004sifrim  Helsinki
29"Flåm and the fjords"  2  3Apr 16, 2004daarth  Bergen
30"Simply gorgeous"  1  1Jun 15, 2003maryamy  Leipzig
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