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4"The Gate to the Northcape / Nordkapp"  9  36May 14, 2010globetrott   Vienna
5"The village on the island with the Nordkapp"  2  2Mar 21, 2010lotharlerch  Telfs
6"on the way to Northkap"  1Nov 13, 2009amsor  Amstetten
7"Nord Cape near Honningsvåg"  1  5Jan 17, 2008Toshioohsako  Klaipeda
8"Honningsvåg: Gateway to the North Cape"  3  10Oct 29, 2006travelfrosch  Boston
9"Honningsvag"  3  2Mar 8, 2005clangerworld  Coalville
10"Mageroy Island"  2Dec 4, 2004Asik  Bydgoszcz
11"Norwegian Coastal Voyage Part 6"  1  41Mar 25, 2004geekgrrl  Honolulu
12"A touch to the North"  28  31Dec 23, 2002o00o  Tokyo
13"Nordkap - The most northen place in Europe"  5  6Oct 30, 2002dave_21  Sweden
14"Mabu's ex-North Cape page"Oct 1, 2002mabu  Bern