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1"Italy"  39  206Dec 7, 2014bgjulieta  Sofia
2"HISTORY, MOUNTAINS, BEACHES & PIZZA"  1  2Oct 9, 2014davidjo  Puerto Princesa
3"A Dream Come True"  3  5Oct 3, 2014darlings  World
4"Italy"  3Sep 18, 2014hungariangirl896  Budapest
5"Living and Traveling throughout Italy"  1  4Jun 12, 2014jwilliams2005  Ohio
6"I am an Italian at heart"  1May 12, 2014cinderoo  Los Angeles
7"My Italy Trip"May 10, 2014ConnieManskeBaldino  World
8"Italy - u/c"  9  4Jan 27, 2014MichaelFalk1969  Frankfurt am Main
9"Good food...great people"Nov 24, 2013iclee  Pasig
10"Two Weeks in Italy"  2  4Nov 21, 2013ddevronn  Istanbul
11"country of contrasts"  3Oct 11, 2013hanspeter_W.  Zürich
12"Cinque Terre"Aug 14, 2013the-global-nomad  Geneva
13"ITALY TRIP"  3Jul 27, 2013braveheart59  Mugla
14"Traveling in Italy"Jun 2, 2013ItalyDreaming  Florida
15"Italy - Land of the Caesars, pasta and pizza"  7  20May 30, 2013pepemorris11  Singapore
16"Milan Italy for a Day"  3May 3, 2013jpud99930  Winnipeg
17"The Romans started it all for me."  28  41Apr 8, 2013gwened  Pluvigner
18"Italy-Florence,Venice and Chique Terre"  1Apr 6, 2013kazuoTsuchiya  Seattle
19"Bella Italia!"  2Mar 11, 2013Twan  Sint-Oedenrode
20"ITÁLIA"  3Jan 21, 2013PRINCIPEDIMEDICI  Estado do Rio Grande do Sul
21"Tour of Italy and Austria"  3Dec 31, 2012dbsmkm  World
22"Nine lovely holidays in Rome"Oct 4, 2012listenandlearn  Barcelona
23"Northern Italy and Cinque Terre"  1Sep 25, 2012807Wheaton  Evans
24"see, hear, touch, smell, taste.... Italy!"  3Sep 11, 2012rivercalm  Croatia
25"Italy Travel"Aug 17, 2012navyboysailor007  San Diego
26"Italy"  1  5Aug 5, 2012a5floor  Apeldoorn
27"Venedig"  3Aug 2, 2012switzerlandman  Switzerland
28"ITALY"  1May 23, 2012pieter_jan_v  Hengelo
29"Italian Impressions"  4  14May 22, 2012riorich55  Naperville
30"Dipped in & out of Italy navigating Switzerland"  1May 21, 2012BaersMom  York
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