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1"The east of France, Rhine is Alsace"  27  69Jun 30, 2013gwened  Pluvigner
2"A Favorite Vacation"  4  9Feb 6, 2010trvlrtom  San Jose
3"The Land of Storks, Wine, Castles and Churches"  1  78Oct 8, 2009Kimi_the_Bear  New Zealand
4"Alsace - beautiful scenery, full of history"  11  31Jul 2, 2009christine.j   Germany
5"Col de la Schlucht & Col du Bonhomme"  10Dec 28, 2008myriam_c  Kalmthout
6"The least French of French provinces"  9  39Jul 25, 2008Helga67  Belgium
7"CHRISTMAS MARKETS - MARCHES DE NOEL."  15  29Jul 6, 2008breughel  Belgium
8"My Alsace"May 15, 2008robertbaum  Matsudo
9"Lovely Alsace"  3Nov 30, 2007spanishguy  Sevilla
10"Alsace"  2Oct 30, 2007ranger49   Wales
11"Alsace - a most beautiful place!"Jul 25, 2007angiebabe  Xi'an
12"Alsace, France"  1  3Apr 6, 2007hollykate  Wisconsin
13"Alsace is the capital of europe"  3Dec 18, 2006merlfelger  France
14"Alsace - u/c"  6Nov 15, 2006MichaelFalk1969  Frankfurt am Main
15"Alsace - white wine heaven"  3  13Oct 11, 2006maartenw  Netherlands
16"Falling in love with Alsace"  16Oct 9, 2006lonestar_philomath  Alexandria
17"haut-rhin, the southern part"  1Sep 26, 2005fabrice  Offenburg
18"Alsace 2004"  2Jun 17, 2005jacobzoethout  Apeldoorn
19"Colors of Alsace"  3Jan 10, 2005white_tara  Rome
20"Alsace-Lorraine"  9  23Nov 20, 2004elgin99  Tabarz
21"Alsace"  26  61Sep 5, 2004DanielF  Europe
22"ALSACE REGION OF FRANCE"  3  1Aug 19, 2004thinking  Singapore
23"Sometimes overlooked beautiful corner of France"  19  53Jun 9, 2004rexvaughan  Decatur
24"The beautiful Alsace"  2  4May 4, 2004mufen  Kuala Lumpur
25"Alsace and the Good Life"  2  2Jan 11, 2004eatmanifesto  Sydney
26"Shame on me...."  8  10Nov 3, 2003Carino  Sydney
27"Welcome to the ALSACE (ELSASS)"  7  16Oct 1, 2003Leipzig  Dessau
28"Alsace"Jul 13, 2003ATLC  Hellevoetsluis
29""Real" page coming soon - just an appetizer"  1Jul 10, 2003Loeffle  Black Forest
30"the storks are back!"  7  8Jul 7, 2003phil1908  Brussels
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