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1"Asia"  4May 20, 2015Byssa  Brooklyn
2"olen aasialainen...."  2Dec 1, 2014Gili_S  Europe
3"ASIA"  1Nov 25, 2014JohanIsWeg  Brisbane
4"Wat Arun, Bangkok, Thailand"  1Sep 5, 2014ccc_chang  Alor Setar
5"Asia"  13  68Jul 15, 2014Jim_Eliason   Arlington
6"Asia - More than just being the largest Continent"  1Feb 10, 2014shashibelle  Philippines
7"Welcome to Asia"  1Dec 8, 2013Madasabull  Warrington
8"Chiang mai Thailand ."  3Nov 3, 2013Winar.chong  Annecy-le-Vieux
9"Good service from Airport to Hua Hin"Oct 16, 2013DavidCall71  World
10"Bangladesh"  6Aug 28, 2013dorota2000  Warsaw
11"I enjoyed trips to southeast Asia to meet family."  3Jul 25, 2013tameroa  Marion
12"Thailand"  3May 2, 2013monterowe  Australia and Oceania
13"Close to Aussies"  3Mar 22, 2013Orchid  Melbourne
14"Buthan"Mar 11, 2013montanabob  Olivia
15"Hong Kong, we love the place"Feb 25, 2013JackVee  World
16"Indian Rainforest"  1Dec 5, 2012Saumz  New Delhi
17"An exotic new playground"  3Nov 22, 2012gwened  Pluvigner
18"Visit to Vietnam and Cambodia"  1Sep 25, 2012SubrahmanyamK  Hyderabad
19"Asia as fascinating destinations"  19Sep 1, 2012myfreedom  Jakarta
20"Laos"  1Aug 22, 2012melayang  World
22"Hua Hin,Thailand"  74Jul 13, 2012CDM7  Dorset
23"Maldives, best place"  1Jul 4, 2012HelenAb2012  Riga
24"Welcome in Asia."  3Feb 23, 2012piotrzik2  Poznan
25"Asia."  10  66Feb 19, 2012cachaseiro  Denmark
26"BACKPACKER FROM MANILA"  1Jan 17, 2012sheila2097  Manila
27"Brunei"Dec 26, 2011triram  Adelaide
28"Asia"  1  2Feb 3, 2011grayfo  Royal Leamington Spa
29"Experience the beauty of Asia"  32Jul 6, 2010pinkwing  City of Manila
30"Asia"Mar 30, 2010AnnaLupilla  Nürnberg
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