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1"come to see lovely Gamla Gefle - and the rest!"  3  23Dec 14, 2008angiebabe   Xi'an
2"A Year in Norrland"  1Aug 26, 2007kit_mc  London
3"Gavle"  1Jan 19, 2006percy961  Pissouri
4"Welcome to GÄVLE"  6  14Mar 3, 2004Leipzig   Dessau
5"Railways and rams"  13  9Jan 5, 2004Sjalen   Sweden
6"Gavle"  1Dec 30, 2003kittivitti  Melbourne
7"Gavle"  3  3Aug 26, 2003MikaelPersson  Falun
8"Gävle – small town in big costume"  15  15Jun 2, 2003Maline  Sweden
9"Gävle, the way I want you to see it"  5  5Jul 18, 2002lisa.carlson  Gävle
10"Nobbe's new Gävle page"  14  19Jan 8, 2002Nobbe  Sweden
11"gwenanou's new Gavle Page"Jan 11, 2001gwenanou  Gävle