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1"Our Sweden Day Trip"  5  6Jan 9, 2014easterntrekker  Halifax
2"Coastal City Reaching to Denmark"  1Jul 24, 2011DSwede  Corpus Christi
3"Nice harbour city ONLy 20 min by ferry to Denmark"Jul 4, 2011Robin020  Toronto
4"Helsingborg"  1May 28, 2009gugi66  Stockholm
5"Helsingborg"  1  8Aug 19, 2008Tuna_ank  Ankara
6"Henrik's Helsingborg page"  1  4Aug 5, 2008Henrik_rrb  Göteborg
7"My Helsingborg"May 29, 2008robertbaum  Matsudo
8"Helsingborg, Sweden"  3Dec 10, 2007Cruiseone2003  San Francisco
9"Helsingborg - a interesting small city"  4  14Jun 5, 2007Joacim  Göteborg
10"2nd largest town of Skåne"  2  20Apr 23, 2007OH_DK  Denmark
11"Off To Sweden For Dinner :)"  1  2Apr 17, 2007johngayton  Lundy Island
12"Helsingborg, Sweden"  1  6Apr 10, 2007jenglund  Sioux Falls
13"HELSINGBORG"  3  5Apr 8, 2007cachaseiro  Denmark
14"short car ferry ride from Helsingor in Denmark"  2Mar 31, 2007angiebabe  Xi'an
15"Helsingborg is an attractive place to live"  3Feb 9, 2007Blomme  Helsingborg
16"Sweden"  1  2Jul 27, 2006arison  Vilnius
17"Helsingborg"  1Jun 29, 2006peperoni  Setúbal
18"Helsingborg"  3May 12, 2006metalactual  Bucharest
19"THE SOUND OF DENMARK"  1Dec 17, 2005DAO  Wakefield
20"KULLABERG-PENINSULA"  2Jul 17, 2005Thommy_p  Anderstorp
21"Helsingborg - Just a boat ride away"  8  9May 10, 2005littlesam1  Baltimore
22"...Helsingborg..."  15  32Apr 21, 2005ginte  London
23"Helsingborg VS Helsingord"Apr 12, 200575Roman  Switzerland
24"Helsingborgs IF - saved by the politicians"  10  5Dec 18, 2004Calcio  Göteborg
25"Port to Denmark"  1Sep 27, 2004hartti  Turku
26"Small and cute city:-)"  1Sep 14, 2004Shibiru  Dubai
27"Short trip"  3Jul 20, 2004celsomollo  Mococa
28"Helsingborg, Sundets pırla. The pearl of the sound"  1Jun 28, 2004Resmixen  Bjuv
29"Travelling makes life worth living"Mar 28, 2004Suecoloco  Helsingborg
30"Shorthest distance to Denmark"  4  4Feb 20, 2004jonkb  Malmö
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