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1"Laid Back Mediterranean Style"Jul 13, 2014MauiNoKaOi  Haiku
2"Malta"  5  16Jul 8, 2014Drever  Ayr
3"Too many to discover in this small country"  18  85Nov 9, 2013shavy   Ieper
4"MALTA IS WONDERFUL!"  3Aug 31, 2012balhannah  Brisbane
5"Malta"  1Jun 17, 2012mvtouring  South Africa
6"Malta"  3May 4, 2012sachara  Emmen
7"Malta"Feb 14, 2012graeme83  St Albans
8"000"  1Jan 5, 2012mag627  Toronto
9"Malta"  30  93Nov 4, 2011Flying.Scotsman  Balloch
10"Malta"  1Sep 23, 2011Dabs  Chicago
11"Bonio went to Malta"  1  2Sep 12, 2011bonio  Rowell
12"My 2011 Malta, Sicily & South Italy Trip - Part I"  3Jul 1, 2011amybbb  Hong Kong
13"Malta, the place you need to visit!"May 25, 2011Thomps  Hilton Head Island
14"Malta is Number 1 for fun"  3May 22, 2011dr.firas  Como
15"A Church for Every Day of the Year"  1  4May 5, 2011DSwede  Whangarei
16"Lovely Malta."  6Apr 28,  Italy
17"A week in Malta"  3Apr 18, 2011cubagold  Troon
18"We came for the history"  6  19Mar 19, 2011Turska  Ylöjärvi
19"Malta"  1  2Mar 9, 2011Classroomtravels  Dungarvan
20"MALTA"  28Dec 14, 2010EuropeFriend  Porto
21"Malta"  1Nov 21, 2010Fluffy_bunny   Caracas
22"An Artist's Life In The Three Cities, Malta"  1  5Nov 15, 2010cslawrence  Malta
23"St. Julien, 2 weeks, great summer"Oct 8, 2010akabion  Aversa
24"Impressions of Malta ... and some tips if you're v"Sep 27, 2010wolf1964  Nottingham
25"Malta"  2Jul 16, 2010ska80  Libya
26"Malta - The Perfect Escape!"  1Jun 29, 2010brianharris01  Peterborough
27"traveling with a little angel"  8Jun 6, 2010call_me_rhia  Europe
28"Malta - Small but with a clear identity"  5  3Apr 14, 2010boltonian  United Kingdom
29"LAYERS OF HISTORY"  1  2Feb 18, 2010alyf1961  Leeds
30"Jumping in Malta!"  1Feb 4, 2010Jumping  Phoenix
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