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1"2 days in town!"  7  23Jun 10, 2013bonio  Rowell
2"Århus "  1  8Aug 14, 2012lotharscheer  Vienna
3"Arhus Festival"  3Sep 10, 2010Sage49  Chicago
4"the city with everything you could dream of"Dec 29, 2008deptlads  Deptford
5"Nice town on the cold seashore"  7  11Nov 22, 2008DeYo  Pozarevac
6"ARHUS...ZEELAND DENMARK"Jun 6, 2008DennyP  Parramatta
7"Århus: Denmark's second largest and youngest city"  49  147Jan 20, 2008Rupanworld  Kolkata (Calcutta)
8"I L-O-V-E this city!"  1  1Sep 2, 2007silleh  Hvidovre
9"Århus"  1Jul 28, 2007Matyas  Fredericton
10"Arhus, Denmark"  1Nov 4, 2006lar-n-me  Fort Myers
11"Where i could spent summer like the queen does."  11  61Aug 13, 2006tompt  Noordeinde
12"Århus"  3Jul 6, 2006metteks  Kolding
13"Århus and Surrounding Attractions"  11  14May 23, 2006starship  United States of America
14"The small big city"  1  4Mar 4, 2006yatingchen  Tan-shui
15"Arhus - a place of our family-history"  16  78Feb 16, 2006globetrott  Vienna
16"very windy,dark and cold in winter"  1Dec 7, 2005fabrice  Offenburg
17"The 31st Birthday Trip"  7  10May 1, 2005kit_mc  London
18"Arhus at the last days of 2004"  13  33Jan 2, 2005Caniko  Istanbul
19"Århus"  3Oct 6, 2004Blondiina  Nurmo
20"Århus : Den Danske By"  40  61Mar 26, 2004travelife  Bangladesh
21"Nice....but boring"  1  3Mar 1, 2004Vincent1974  Rome
22"A city where I'd live"  3  4Feb 27, 2004barrikello  Bergamo
23"Den Gamle By and other nice Arhus sites!"  2  17Sep 23, 2003Roeffie  Druten
24"The second city of Denmark"  39  47Jun 18, 2003bscott1  Chicago
25"Arhus"  1Sep 23, 2002gingerpipp  United Kingdom
26"ARHUS - MOUSE COLLECTION"  1  4Sep 13, 2002JohnnySpangles  London
27"Velkommen til Aarhus! God Tur!"  3Jun 2, 2002Cam_el  Edmonton
28"Arhus/Ronde/Ebeltoft/Grena/Legoland"May 3, 2002Wojtek_R  Mississauga
29"ginguba's new Arhus Page"Apr 17, 2002ginguba  Lisbon
30"My hometown- at the moment"  41  54Oct 10, 2001elsebeth  Århus
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