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1"Shakespeare's choice"  4  9Jul 26, 2013viddra  Kikinda
2"HELSINGOR OR ELSINOR"  15  68Aug 22, 2012balhannah   Brisbane
3"A Sunday in Helsingør"  1Apr 1, 2012gordonilla  Uxbridge
4"To be or not to be"  18  66Sep 1, 2011mindcrime   Athens
5"Keeping Sweden at Bay"  2  2Jul 18, 2011DSwede  Mokp'o
6"Its has the castle where Shekspear wrote his book"Jul 4, 2011Robin020  Toronto
7"A Castle with a Bar and Swedish Booze Cruises..."  5  14Oct 15, 2009johngayton   Lundy Island
8"HELSINGØR"  8  27Jun 11, 2009ValbyDK  Copenhagen
9"Helsingör"May 28, 2009gugi66  Stockholm
10"Helsingør"  2  9Aug 19, 2008Tuna_ank  Ankara
11"My Helsingør"May 29, 2008robertbaum  Matsudo
12"Helsingor and the Castle"  2  7Feb 29, 2008ranger49  Wales
13"A cosy little town"  3  11Jul 8, 2007Joacim  Göteborg
14"Quaint But Historic"  1Apr 25, 2007Stippleeffect  United Kingdom
15"Helsingør, Denmark"  1Apr 10, 2007jenglund  Sioux Falls
16"Moscow-Helsingor"  11  66Nov 17, 2006Kuznetsov_Sergey  Moscow
17"Elsinore Castle - so not tragic:)"  1Nov 14, 2006nvm25  Oslo
18"To Go or Not to Go that is the Question"  1  4Sep 12, 2006RawdgerDodger  West Los Angeles
19"1 hour train journey from Cph - worth a visit!"  1  6Aug 2, 2006poons  Staffordshire
20"Helsingor"  1Jun 29, 2006peperoni  Setúbal
21"Home of the Big Danish Toll-Booth"  2  9Jun 8, 2006yooperprof  Marquette
22"Helsingør - The perl in the danish crown"  1  2May 8, 2006bogomil  Hlavni Mesto Praha
23"Helsingor - Elsingor"  1  3Mar 25, 2006zofka  Vilnius
24"Helsingoer"  1Mar 11, 2006FRONA  Zagreb
25"Under Construction"  2Aug 23, 2005salinhopt  Funchal
26"Helsingør"  1Jul 8, 2005Michistronger  Comandante Nicanor Otamendi
27"Windy hamlet haunted by Hamlet"May 7, 2005Assenczo  Ottawa
28"Helsingor (English Elsinore)"  5  12May 5, 2005ginte  London
29"Helsingor and Hamlets Castle"  7  8Apr 28, 2005littlesam1  Baltimore
30"HELSINGOR, DENMARK"  20  21Feb 13, 2005Mimi&Rufaizal  Nottingham
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