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1"Rømø"  1May 16, 2009DeeQuita  Darmstadt
2"Sea, beaches, horses, sheep and seals!"  7  11Aug 25, 2007Inguuna  Riga
3"Rømø - Denmarks Westcoast"  1Apr 3, 2007Mumin  Oslo
4"A wonderful day looking at birds ..and more."  4  11Jul 28, 2006TheView  Copenhagen
5"Germans' Danish Beach"  1Mar 4, 2006yatingchen  Tan-shui
6"The beach"  2  5May 23, 2005metteks  Kolding
7"Holiday Island in the North Sea"  1  4Sep 23, 2004RhineRoll  Remagen
8"A island with large beaches and fishing villages"  3  7Dec 21, 2003bscott1  Chicago
9"Only one road...leads to Rømø"  1Oct 21, 2003piccolina  Como