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1"Go there once - Go there again"  2  2Jun 18, 2007annielwatkins  New Malden
2"the right palce for a relaxing hot bath!"  2  3Nov 7, 2006ludogatto  Bologna
3"Terms and...tourist and old people"Jan 16, 2006coarspire  Torino
4"leave your stress behind"  4  5Aug 17, 2005blusky  Solofra
5"An Italian town full of Germans"  1  6Feb 11, 2005Mikebond  Josselin
6"Thermal town"  2Jan 23, 2005Kajron  Vienna
7"Our Trek up Monte Venda....The Olivetani Monastery"  9  16Apr 4, 2004mapakettle  Calgary