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1"A G R I G E N T O - S I C I L I A"  2Mar 3, 2014Chinggis_n_Borte  Australia
2"Province of Agrigento"  1  3Aug 29, 2012SMILLA76  Cianciana
3"Agrigento, or 'Montelusa' from Montalbano books"  2Jun 11, 2012halikowski  Budapest
4"A G R I G E N T O"  3Nov 19, 2011Aurorae  Belgrade
5"Greek Sicily"  1  1Jun 19, 2011Leonardo83  Sicilia
6"Agrigento"  1  8May 23, 2011lotharscheer  Vienna
7"Agrigento Valley of the Temples"  3Oct 15, 2010eljusto  Carlentini
8"Showing off in a big way"  3  11Jun 1, 2010dutchboycalledjan  The Hague
9"Valley of Temples, etc"  2Apr 18, 2010mimi9877  Jurbise
10"A G R I G E N T O"  1Jan 24, 2010bct341  Maryland
11"september rain"  13  23Oct 14, 2009picek  Slovenia
12"A valley of very old temples!"  3Mar 9, 2009angiebabe   Xi'an
13"Valley of the Temples"  1Dec 21, 2008Natalya2006  Saint Petersburg
14"Agrigento"  3Jun 19, 2008xantylaol  Oslo
15"A vibrant city with a few good temples thrown in"  2  5Mar 22, 2008helenjones  Liverpool
16"The Valley of Temples"  6  18Nov 12, 2007MikeAtSea  Durban
17"The majestic ruins"  3Oct 30, 2007scanos  Belfast
18"CittÓ di furbi, cittÓ storica"  1  5Aug 5, 2007mikey_e  Ottawa
19"Agrigento"  2  3Oct 19, 2006Cuorerosanero  Sydney
20"Valley of the Temples"  3Mar 12, 2006Olivaw  Denver
21"Agrigento"  3Feb 27, 2006Jef5  Victoria
22"A G R I G E N T O ! ! !"  4  5Oct 9, 2005ruki  Belgrade
23"Agrigento -little Marocco with lots of Italy"  23  28Jul 14, 2005vysnaite  Ravenna
24"Agrigento my home"  11  28May 31, 2005dorset  Agrigento
25"Beautiful Agrigento"  2  5May 4, 2005jeffmartinartist  Melbourne
26"Agrigento - Valley of the temples"  9Apr 16, 2005gubbi1  Aschaffenburg
27"Agrigento: The Ups and Downs"  16  18Apr 6, 2005hquittner  New Orleans
28"Agrigento . . . Sicily's forgotten temples"  3Jan 6, 2005VinTolucci  New York City
29"Is This Sicily?"  3  4Aug 13, 2004tpal  Buffalo
30"if you live in san leone agrigento"  2  3Jun 25, 2004EllenH  Hamilton
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