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1"Assisi"Jul 14, 2014t_cinanni  Perth
2"San Francesco e Santa Chiara"  8  20Jul 24, 2013Roeffie  Druten
3"Assisi"  8  22Nov 17, 2012Kuznetsov_Sergey  Moscow
4"Draft :)"  3Oct 15, 2012nixca316  Paranaque
5"Assisi, the San Francisco de Assisi"Oct 13, 2012listenandlearn  Barcelona
6"Assisi - One of Italy's "Must-See" Hill Towns"  3  23Feb 8, 2012basstbn  Overland Park
7"Assisi"  1  8May 25, 2011lotharscheer  Vienna
8"Place of Saint Francis"  7  11Apr 11, 2011alectrevor  York
9"Assisi"  2May 15, 2010sim1  Sweden
10"In Umbria"  4  8Jan 11, 2010Tom_Fields  Washington D.C.
11"Assisi of S. Francesco"  9  52Oct 19, 2009sylina  Shanghai
12"Assisi"  1  5Sep 16, 2009aukahkay  Singapore
13"Religion or romance, Assisi has plenty of both"  4  14Feb 22, 2009Beausoleil  Sacramento
14"Assisi"  2  7Nov 16, 2008cinthya_in_victoria  Mexico City
15"Assisi"  1May 26, 2008Kid-A  Kaiserslautern
16"Assisi - St. Francis and St. Chiara town"  2Feb 25, 2008Iksi  Split
17"Steep Cobbled Pathways"  1Feb 1, 2008Sissyz  Reno
18"What could you say more about Assisi?"  1  8Jan 22, 2008PALLINA  Munich
19"The Valley"  1  5Sep 16, 2007BruceDunning  Huntsville
20"Medieval Taste"Aug 28, 2007vitraleus  Beijing
21"ASSISI"  7Aug 22, 2007Rita_  Cagliari
22"Assisi"  1Aug 19, 2007rita_simoes  Sintra
23"adio mare"  3Aug 7, 2007elae  Kupres
24"Assisi: the home of St. Francis"  1May 13, 2007Cristian_Uluru  Italy
25"in progress"May 11, 2007viny32  Montpellier
26"Visit to St. Francis of Assisi"  1Apr 2, 2007wife2004  Norfolk
27"Assisi, a surprise visit"  1  4Feb 25, 2007suzannebowser  Huron
28"Make the Pilgrimage"  3Oct 20, 2006yetist  Mainz
29"Assissi"  2  3Oct 14, 2006rayofla  Alghero
30"The hills of St. Francis and St. Clare"  1  1Oct 2, 2006Davelyn  Edmonton
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