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1"A nice town."  1  10Sep 29, 2012Maurizioago  Caldonazzo
2"Bassano del Grappa"  5  14Jul 21, 2009painterdave    Padova
3"stunning look of Bassano with its wooden bridge"  4  26Jan 19, 2008angiebabe   Xi'an
4"Not just the wooden bridge"  2  6Dec 4, 2007oriettaIT  Padova
5"Gorgeous town at base of Dolomites"  4  9Aug 3, 2007kathymof  Fresno
6"General view"  1  4Jul 19, 2007siwi  Boulogne-Billancourt
7"BASSANO DEL GRAPPA"  1Jul 13, 2007madamx  Calgary
8"The city of Grappa"  3  5Jan 3, 2007paragianna75  Athens
9"Bassano del Grappa"  2Nov 1, 2004DanaK  Tampere
10"Weekend mood"  1  2Oct 24, 2004finecut  Udine
11"Home of the famous Grappa"  1Oct 15, 2004YolandaC  Calgary
12"Bassano del Grappa"  25  48Aug 30, 2004croisbeauty  Zagreb
13"Bassano del Grappa - The Alpines City"  19  22Feb 23, 2004rich77  Bologna
14"SUL PONTE DI BASSANO...."  24  38Dec 27, 2003Kajron  Vienna
15"Grabbing Grappa"  1  4Oct 2, 2003yelyah99  Glasgow