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1"Is a cultural city with a beautiful historic core"  1  7Nov 8, 2014shavy  Ieper
2"City of towers and arcades."  43  176Oct 24, 2014leics   Leicester
3"Bologna Eat, look up, marvel, eat and savour"  48  222Sep 17, 2014Trekki    Germany
4"Bologna"  37  159Jun 4, 2014Kathrin_E  Karlsruhe
5"Wombat bolognese"  3May 24, 2014Russell_the_Wombat  Karlsruhe
6"Bologna Cooking School CIBO Best Cooking Classes"  1Feb 19, 2013Formiaforever  New York State
7"world in the silver spoon"  1Dec 19, 2012picek  Slovenia
8"Bologna"  1  1Dec 2, 2012t_cinanni  Perth
9"You don't need an umbrella in Bologna!"  4  15Oct 4, 2012Tuzik  Bonney Lake
10"Historic city"Feb 16, 2012jeoren  Delft
11"Bologna with Festa di San Petronio 2011"  18  129Oct 10, 2011sylina  Shanghai
12"Bologna, food heaven"  5  21Oct 7, 2011oriettaIT  Padova
13"Awesome!!"  1Sep 14, 2011dland007  Indianapolis
14"Bologna"  1  4Jul 31, 2011Korin79380083  Malta
15"Known as "the Fat" for its rich foods"  2  4Apr 25, 2011DSwede  Corpus Christi
16"Bologna"  3  13Mar 20, 2011lee.evelyn  Donegal
17"Bologna"  6  27Feb 20, 2011painterdave  Padova
18"Bologna: Iconic Images"  65  311Oct 7, 2010von.otter  New York City
19"Eat drink and be merry!"  1  4Sep 22, 2010deebum25  Augusta
20"A city full of porticos, students and great food"  11  10Jul 6, 2010Bunsch  Providence
21"Bologna"Jun 30, 2010citytrip  Sheffield
22"Bologna, Italy"  3  24Jun 28, 2010SWFC_Fan  Sheffield
23"Bologna"  3Jun 8, 2010lotharscheer  Vienna
24"BOLOGNA"  3Apr 12, 2010ruki  Belgrade
25"Bologna"  2  7Jan 5, 2010Tom_Fields  Washington D.C.
26"Quick stop"  3Dec 13, 2009littlebush  Auckland
27"Bologna"  2Nov 27, 2009Maria81  London
28"A nice stroll into the city of Bologna!"  2  4May 6, 2009tzuki  Stevenage
29"Bologna, la Grassa e la Dotta"  4  2Apr 29, 2009PALLINA  Munich
30"Bologna"  78  317Apr 8, 2009MM212   London
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