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1"Lovely small country"Mar 12, 2014spanishguy  Sevilla
2"A wonderful little dukedom of Europe"  14  27Apr 28, 2013gwened  Pluvigner
3"A very interesting country and city. More to come."Feb 22, 2013australia2  Melbourne
4"Luxembourg"  1  2Dec 30, 2012Aunt_Bertha  Europe
5"PASSING THROUGH LUXEMBOURG"  3Aug 15, 2012balhannah  Brisbane
6"Luxembourg"  1  3Nov 10, 2011swiftfoot  Manila
7"Luxembourg"  2Oct 24, 2011Twan  Sint-Oedenrode
8"Duque de Alba"  3Oct 20, 2011jorgejuansanchez  Hospitalet
9"Luxembourg"Oct 15, 2011kiwi   New Zealand
10"One of the smallest country"  1Jan 24, 2011sweet_sentiments  Philadelphia
11"LUXEMBOURG"  26Dec 14, 2010EuropeFriend  Porto
12"Luxembourg"  3Sep 7, 2010Vilmita  Treviso
13"Luxembourg"  3Jul 20, 2010Dizzyhead  Eskilstuna
14"Weekend in Luxembourg"  1May 29, 2010cdr1985  Port-of-Spain
15"Great views!"  1Jan 6, 2010Kikkka  Latvia
16"Luxembourg"  3Nov 9, 2009lotharscheer  Vienna
17"Luxurious Luxembourg"  1Oct 21, 2009telsoar  Kalispell
18"Luxembourg"  1  5Oct 8, 2009MD2nd  Germany
19"July 2009 @ Luxembourg City, Viaden, Wine Road"Jul 13, 2009kanala  Helsinki
20"Luxembourg City - May cover in 1 day?"  2  3Jun 15, 2009chennaismartguy  Bangkok
21"CITY of LUXEMBOURG"  3Apr 26, 2009ViajesdelMundo  Los Barriles
22"Dedication to sb."  1Apr 16, 2009MikeySoft  Boston
23"Bac Mike"  1Apr 3, 2009angel-eyes  Paris
24"Luxembourg City."  4  8Mar 28, 2009alectrevor  York
25"What I drink in Luxembourg....."  1Mar 2, 2009MichaelRees  London
26"Luxemburg"  3Dec 27, 2008steveausamerika  Covington
27"Enscherange"  1  6Dec 24, 2008janvanommen  Nijkerk
28"The Grand Dutchy"  3  7Dec 2, 2008littlebush  London
29"A visit to Luxembourg"  1Oct 3, 2008ATLC  Hellevoetsluis
30"September 13, 2008 - Final day of trip"  1Sep 28, 2008TravelNmanflorida  Leesburg
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