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1"Jumping off to the Cinque Terre"  3  1Nov 27, 2010Bunsch  Providence
2"Driving through la Spezia"  7May 18, 2009MM212  London
3"A brief exploration only........"  3Oct 25, 2008leics  Leicester
4"The Essence of Italy"  6  7Feb 20, 2008wilocrek  Salt Lake City
5"Cinque Terre National Park"  2  6Aug 8, 2007jamequa  Greenbelt
6"La Spezia, Italy"  2Jul 1, 2007aytum57  Sasebo
7"Porto Venere"  2Feb 23, 2007rayofla  Alghero
8"La Spezia"  1  3Aug 24, 2006kzngirl  London
9"La Spezia Sunday July 16 2006"  2  4Aug 14, 2006fdrich29  Gloucester
10"Gulf of La Spezia"  6  12May 19, 2006AlexDJ  Rome
11"Families Only"Sep 5, 2005DownStar  Torino
12"La Spezia"  1  3May 6, 2005jeffmartinartist  Melbourne
13"Blank pages.... have to fix that"Mar 25, 2005balfor  Atlanta
14"A lucky find"  3  3Aug 25, 2004zulu9  Minneapolis
15"La Spezia"  15  16Jul 22, 2004micas_pt  Lisbon
16"Cinque Terre"  4  3Apr 22, 2004travelife  Bangladesh
17"The most beautiful coastline in Italy"  30  33Jan 22, 2003matcrazy1  Tychy
18"Cinque Terre"  2Dec 26, 2002elainehch  Singapore
19"Cinque Terre- a place for everyone"  1  4Dec 23, 2002ethereal  Toronto
20"utttz's portovenere and, if I find some pic, leric"  4  8Sep 4, 2002utttz  Genoa
21"La Spezia"Sep 3, 2002UK_Man  Manchester
22"Cinque Terre"  15  18Jul 19, 2002Sarita76  Rome
23"My Cinque Terre Adventure"  8  22Jul 16, 2002denver662  Denver
24"monte rosso"  1May 10, 2002beluga  Leiden
25"La Spezia - Gateway to the Cinque Terre"  1  2Apr 28, 2002Aragu  San Diego
26"PORTOVENERE"  13Apr 5, 2002piccolina  Como
27"Bella Cinque Terra"  24  22Mar 16, 2002bcc8  Dallas
28"rozehill's new La Spezia Page"  3  4Jan 27, 2002rozehill  Christchurch
29"La Spezia"  1Jan 19, 2002don_kam  Basel
30"noahsdad's new La Spezia Page"  1Dec 12, 2001noahsdad  Shepherdstown
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