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11"Golftime in Montecatini"  3Feb 4, 2007tosse  Vimmerby
12"The city where i live"  13  10Sep 14, 2006Alex_71  Florence
13"Montecatini Terme, renowned health spas"  4  10Sep 12, 2006Karahan  Istanbul
14"Small spa town"  1  3Aug 16, 2006ozalp  Istanbul
15"Delightful Spa Town and Hill Vilage"  3  10Feb 24, 2006nicolaitan  Long Island
16"Montecatini Terme"  2Nov 9, 2005spanishguy  Sevilla
17"Montecatini Terme and Montecatini Alto"  1  2May 28, 2005tophat30  Malta
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