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1"Perugia"  2Dec 2, 2012t_cinanni  Perth
2"A few hours in Perugia"Oct 18, 2011AshleyRenee1  Detroit
3"Perugia"  1  8May 27, 2011lotharscheer  Vienna
4"Perugia"  3May 19, 2011lee.evelyn  Donegal
5"Sorry, I can't say much about Perugia"  3  2Jul 6, 2010Bunsch  Providence
6"Perugia"  3Oct 19, 2009sylina  Shanghai
7"Medieval town"  3  12Sep 2, 2009Ainisoba  Salerno
8"Holiday Villa in Perugia"  1Jul 18, 2009Moodygeezer  Hayling Island
9"A Historical and Beautiful City in Umbria"  6  8Mar 9, 2009cjg1  New York City
10"right there, in the middle"  1Feb 13, 2009rolnik  Poland
11"Summer Solstice in Perugia"  3Oct 4, 2008ciaobellamici  Traverse City
12"A quiet university town when school isn't in!"  10  10Sep 24, 2008deebum25  Augusta
13"Perugia"  3Jul 19, 2008Nemesy  Verona
14"Perugia - where I studied Italian."Jun 3, 2008Regina1965  Reykjavík
15"The medieval university town on top of a hill"  1  4Apr 30, 2008rayofla  Alghero
16"Perugia: Jazz rhythm!"  2  3Aug 22, 2007Rita_  Cagliari
17"Perugia is still home"  1  4Aug 15, 2007scottblank10  San Diego
18"La Cittą Dolce"  3Aug 5, 2007mikey_e  Ottawa
19"New home"  1  22Jun 29, 2007Natie  Perugia
20"Bellissima Perugia"  3  6May 28, 2007Phisheads1  Bologna
21"A very nice town, but quite unsafe"  3  4May 1, 2007Cristian_Uluru  Italy
22"Strange place full of contradictions"  1Dec 11, 2006juzz  Bristol
23"Perugia visit July 2004"Jul 7, 2006Richard_mk  Milton Keynes
24"PERUGIA"  3May 15, 2006Kontes  Ankara
25"Quit compard to Rome"  2  10May 3, 2006stefbeauf  Malta
26"A foreign student in Italy"  2  2Apr 6, 2006ciaobella55  Sydney
27"p e r u g i a"  2Mar 6, 2006UKbound04  London
28"Perugia"  19Nov 19, 2005cocodette  Vincelles
29"chocolate festival"  1Nov 17, 2005deedeechi  Honolulu
30"Beautiful medieval and ancient city"  1Aug 13, 2005twilite  Stuttgart
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